20+ Creative Crochet Bullion Stitch Free Patterns (With Instructions)

What is the Bullion Stitch?

In the world of crochet, there’s a unique technique that sets itself apart from others – bullion stitch, also affectionately known as the roll stitch. This intricate approach involves wrapping the yarn multiple times around the crochet hook, followed by pulling a loop through to produce complex, textured patterns. The result is a visually striking and dimensional design that showcases the artistry of this specialized form of crochet.

Uses of the Bullion stitch

This versatile stitching technique is commonly employed for its aesthetic appeal, allowing crafters to add intricate and beautiful details to various projects. From embellishing home decor items to creating stunning jewelry pieces, this decorative stitch is a favorite among many enthusiasts.

How to Crochet Bullion Stitch?

Mastering the Crochet Bullion Stitch may appear intimidating at first, but with some practice, it’s surprisingly accessible. The versatility of this stitch lies in its various forms, ranging from straightforward to intricate patterns. To get started, let’s focus on the fundamental bullion stitch. Begin by inserting your hook into the designated stitch space and yarn over as many times as needed – typically between 5 to 7. Next, pull up a loop through these yarn overs.

Finally, yarn over once more and gently pull the loop to secure the stitch. For those who prefer visual guidance, video tutorials can provide valuable insight into this technique.

Baby Bullion Square Crochet Pattern

Baby Bullion Square Crochet Pattern

The bullion stitch pattern is surprisingly accessible, requiring only five yarn-overs compared to more complex patterns that utilize 16 yarns. The added charm of this design comes from the textured flower situated within the square, which can be easily combined with additional squares to create unique placemats and other projects.

Bullion Stitch Crochet Flower

Bullion Stitch Crochet Flower

The bullion stitch is a versatile tool in the world of crochet, and this simple pattern showcases its beauty. Without needing extensive knowledge or complicated techniques, you can craft a stunning bullion flower pattern using just a few basic steps. By learning how to harness the power of latch hooks, you’ll be well on your way to creating a breathtaking piece that’s sure to impress.

Bullion Valentine Heart Pattern

Bullion Valentine Heart Pattern

This intricate bullion stitch pattern takes it to the next level by incorporating 15 yarn-overs, resulting in an exquisite design. While typical designs often span across 3-inch squares, you can easily scale up this heart-shaped beauty by adjusting the number of yarns and using a larger crochet hook, allowing for a more impressive display.

Bullion Stitch Butterfly Pattern

Bullion Stitch Butterfly Pattern

The Bullion Stitch pattern, when examined in greater detail, reveals its intricacies through the combination of single stitches and seven yarn-overs. This unique sequence gives rise to a butterfly’s body, serving as the foundation for this stunning design.

Bullion Stitch Hearts Pattern

Bullion Stitch Hearts Pattern

The process of creating these charming heart patterns starts with the creation of bullion stitches, which are then worked outwardly in a series of three rounds to form intricate magical circles that can be used as perfect gift tags.

Bullion Butterfly Square Crochet pattern

The Double Bullion Butterfly Pattern bears a striking resemblance to its counterpart, the Bullion Butterfly Pattern. However, instead of relying on a single row of bullion stitches, this design utilizes two stacked rows to form the central figure that supports the majestic wings.

The Bullion Stitch Bag

The Bullion Stitch Bag

The article describes a unique bag that showcases six yarn-over bullion stitches, which are skillfully combined with both single and double basic stitches to produce its distinctive design.

Bullion Stitch Fingerless Gloves

Crafted with precision, these fingerless gloves boast a unique aesthetic, achieved solely through the repetition of the bullion stitch. The staggered rows create a visually appealing texture, devoid of any intervening stitches.

Bullion Stitch Picture Frame project

To add an exquisite touch to your embroidery, craft a beautiful border by skillfully arranging bullion stitches in a uniform line. This stunning edging can serve as the perfect framing device for your masterpiece.

Split Bullion Stitch Slouch Hat

Tamara, creator of Moogly, crafted this unique hat by cleverly splitting the bullion stitch pattern into two separate sections. This innovative approach allowed her to achieve a textured design with remarkable ease, showcasing her skill and creativity in crochet.

Roll Stitch Hot Pad Pattern

To craft the stunning hot pad, a unique combination of yarn overs and basic crochet stitches is utilized. Specifically, six yarn overs are worked in an outward direction, interspersed with single and double crochet stitches to create a visually appealing design.

Beards and Bullions Clay and Crochet Boho Necklace

Beards and Bullions Clay and Crochet Boho Necklace

A mesmerizing double-stranded single crochet design takes center stage in this easy-to-create yet stunning necklace. The addition of a bohemian-inspired clay beard brings a unique touch to the piece. While the provided example showcases a clay beard, feel free to experiment with other materials or designs to add your personal flair.

Baby Bullion Phone Cozy Pattern

The phone cozy features a unique textured design, achieved through the use of a ‘baby bullion’ stitch pattern. This intricate pattern is created by combining three yarn-overs and incomplete stitches, which are then secured in place using a simple single crochet stitch. The result is a cozy that not only protects your device but also adds a touch of handmade charm to any room.

Roll Stitch Snowflake Patterns

The intricacies of the bullion stitch come into play as the designer expertly manipulates yarn to bring forth a stunning array of 3D, 12-yarn-over snowflakes that seem to dance across the fabric.

Bullion snail Granny Square Crochet Pattern

The snail-shaped bullion stitch pattern creates a visually appealing and textured design that can be showcased as unique wall art. When combined with a square frame, the result is a charming and eye-catching piece that adds personality to any room.

Bazillion Bullions Bag Design

In the world of crafting, Revelry takes us on a creative journey by providing a step-by-step guide on how to craft stunning bullion rings. These intricately designed rings are then carefully stitched together to form a breathtaking bag that exudes elegance and sophistication.

Bullion stitch Edging Scarf Pattern

Bullion stitch Edging Scarf Pattern

The Bullion stitch pattern is skillfully woven into both the beginning and end of this soft, comforting scarf, creating a sturdy foundation for its slender length. This thoughtful design element ensures the scarf’s long edges are robustly constructed, perfectly suited to its purpose as a cozy accessory.

Bullion Stitch Thread Victorian Bag

Bullion Stitch Thread Victorian Bag

Reimagining the elegance of the Victorian era, this intricate design reworks the classic bag with the captivating bullion stitch pattern. By incorporating various iterations of the stitch, ranging from 10 to 16 yarn-overs, and utilizing cotton threads as the medium, this piece masterfully blends tradition with innovation.

Coiled Medallion Necklace

The intricate floral motif, often used as a medallion for a necklace, is crafted using various bullion stitches that come together in a harmonious, rounded composition.

Bullion Stitch Square Pattern

The design leverages a combination of techniques, including seven yarn overs, to craft the stunning squared floral pattern. The incorporation of additional textured stitches, such as front post stitches, adds depth and visual interest to the overall design.


While it’s true that mastering many bullion stitch patterns demands a significant amount of patience, the sense of accomplishment that comes with learning these techniques can be incredibly rewarding. As you become more comfortable with the stitches, you’ll find yourself looking forward to creating new designs and experimenting with different combinations.

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