25 Harry Potter Tumbler Ideas; Wizarding World Merch

Harry Potter enthusiasts can now relive their favorite memories with creative tumbler ideas. The franchise has inspired a plethora of captivating art, quotes, and phrases that fans want to incorporate into everyday objects like tumblers. Sublimation printing technology makes it possible to bring these designs to life, leaving only the quest for the perfect artwork. From an array of inspiring options, let’s explore some of the best Harry Potter tumbler ideas to help you create your dream mug.

White Harry Potter Collage Tumbler

The first product we’re highlighting is an exceptional Harry Potter tumbler design that meticulously captures the essence of the beloved franchise. This stunning design boasts iconic glasses, the star of the show Harry Potter, the esteemed Hogwarts logo, and a medley of captivating art and quotes that will transport you to the wizarding world. What’s more, the flexible design is set against a crisp white background, exuding an air of sophistication and nostalgia that will leave you under its spell.

Black Harry Potter Collage Tumbler

For fans of the wizarding world, this design is an excellent choice, boasting a dark theme that’s sure to delight. The black background provides a striking canvas for the Harry Potter art, making it effortlessly easy to draw upon. This particular design showcases the iconic initials and artistic elements of the beloved series. As you sip from the tumbler, the spells written at the bottom serve as a constant reminder of the magical world’s allure. Alternatively, you can opt to inscribe a quote or phrase that resonates with your own unique connection to the franchise.

Hufflepuff Monogram Tumbler

In a mesmerizing blend of magic and darkness, this stunning Tumblr design features enchanting Harry Potter art against a rich, black backdrop that sets the tone for a spellbinding experience. At its center, the Hufflepuff crest shines like a beacon, drawing the viewer’s attention to its intricate details. The whimsical illustrations and subtle text that adorn the mug are clever nods to the wizarding world, with the iconic Hogwarts star serving as a charming touch.

Ravenclaw Logo Blue Tumbler Design

One of the most beloved houses in the Harry Potter universe, Ravenclaw has captured the hearts of fans worldwide. For those who share this affinity, here’s an imaginative design that celebrates their allegiance. This enchanting tumbler showcases the iconic Ravenclaw crest and moniker on a mesmerizing blue and white canvas, replete with subtle shading nuances that evoke the whimsical world of J.K. Rowling’s magical realm.

Hogwarts Night Sky Idea

If you’re enamored with the night sky and the magical world of Harry Potter, why not merge your two passions into a unique creation? A Hogwarts-inspired tumbler featuring the iconic school buildings at its rear and beloved characters from the series up front could be just the thing. The celestial bodies, architectural landmarks, and memorable figures all converge to form an image that’s sure to delight fans of the franchise. As you sip your coffee each morning, this enchanting design will transport you to a world where magic meets wonder.

Wizard Gryffindor Aesthetic Tumbler

In the captivating Harry Potter series, the bold and daring Gryffindors take center stage, boasting a long list of remarkable wizards. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that many fans would adore showcasing their love for Gryffindor on their tumblers, making this particular design one of the most impressive. Characterized by its striking logo, intricate patterned coloring, and bold name, this unique setup is sure to leave a lasting impression, thanks to its vibrant mix of colors.

Glitter Hufflepuff Décor Tumbler

Within the vast and dedicated Harry Potter fandom, Hufflepuff enthusiasts are no exception. Thousands strong, their passion for the beloved group shines through in various forms of creative expression. When it comes to showcasing this affiliation, a stunning tumbler décor option featuring the iconic yellow and black hues of Hufflepuff is sure to delight. At its center lies the revered badger emblem, while delicate touches of glitter infuse the entire design with an enchanting magical aura.

Harry Potter Glasses Tumbler

The iconic glasses worn by Harry Potter take center stage on this mug design. The sophisticated background features a harmonious blend of brown, purple, black, and gray hues, imbuing the tumbler with a refined elegance. While not a complex graphic to print or paint, it distills the essence of Harry Potter’s simplicity and appeal, making it an ideal choice for many fans.

Hand Drawn Harry Potter Tumbler

To conjure up a Harry Potter-inspired ambiance, you don’t need to go overboard with intricate collages or elaborate spells on a mug. A vibrant background and a cleverly crafted name can evoke the same magical essence as many Wizarding-themed art pieces. The font and writing style used in this design are remarkably similar to those found in the movie titles and literature of the books, instantly transporting you to Hogwarts and its mystical realm.

Harry Potter Accessory Tumbler

For those seeking a more comprehensive and visually appealing Harry Potter-inspired art piece on a tumbler, another option features not only the iconic glasses but also Hermione’s luscious locks. This design provides a clearer narrative that will resonate with fans of all levels, regardless of their familiarity with the wizarding world. The sparkly, patterned glitter background adds an extra layer of magic to this design, making it a standout choice among our curated selection, perfect for die-hard Potterheads and newcomers alike.

Black and White Harry Potter Tumbler

The second iteration of the Harry Potter glasses design is just as striking as the first. What sets this version apart is the interplay between its background patterns – a harmonious blend of black, white, and purple that embodies the whimsical essence of the wizarding world. This sophisticated design not only elevates your tumbler’s aesthetic but also transports you to Hogwarts with every sip.

Plain White Harry Potter Mischief Tumbler

The iconic phrase ‘Mischief Managed’ from Harry Potter has been immortalized on various platforms, including Tumblr. This design stands out for its simplicity, featuring black writing and patterns against a white background. The beauty of this design lies in its versatility – you can experiment with different font styles and sizes to give it your personal touch. While it may not be the most elaborate option, it’s certainly one of the easiest ways to showcase your love for the wizarding world on social media.

Harry Potter Line Bright Tumbler Design

As we navigate our daily lives, a quote from Harry Potter offers timely guidance: ‘Look at the tumbler, and it will encourage you to move past everyone that discourages you and puts you down.’ These powerful words remind us of the importance of perseverance in the face of adversity. The reverse side of this mug features an eye-catching design, complete with iconic Harry Potter glasses and hairline details that add a touch of whimsy to the overall aesthetic.

Harry Potter Artistic Collage

When crafting Harry Potter tumblers, you’re not limited to highlighting a single element from the series. The wealth of symbols, characters, drawings, and quotes offers ample opportunities to combine multiple designs into a unique and captivating piece. In this instance, a collage featuring over 25 different art entries comes together harmoniously, resulting in an impressive mug that celebrates the magic of Harry Potter.

Cartoon Harry Potter Tumbler

When it comes to designing Harry Potter tumblers, one unique idea is to incorporate cartoon art. This concept particularly appeals to younger fans or those who are passionate about cartoons. The design in question is a visually striking collage featuring multiple drawings of beloved Harry Potter characters. Against a stark black and white background, the colorful image of Harry Potter takes center stage, creating an impressive visual piece that’s sure to delight.

Green and Black Slytherin Tumbler

The Slytherin house colors are an integral part of Harry Potter’s magical world, and this design pays homage to that by incorporating shades of green and silver. The color palette begins with a light, muted green at the top, gradually darkening as it descends until it reaches almost black. This subtle gradient creates a striking visual effect, allowing the iconic Slytherin house logo featuring the serpent’s ‘S’ shape to take center stage alongside its distinctive snake emblem.

Slytherin Logo Tumbler

The Slytherin logo takes center stage in this design, featuring a bold combination of green and silver hues. This understated yet effective design masterfully incorporates all the essential elements of the Slytherin house, including its distinctive colors, animal symbol, and iconic logo. The absence of color on the cup adds an intriguing touch, while the dynamic background that adjusts depending on the contents of the tumbler provides a captivating visual element.

Slytherin Quotes Tumbler Design

The Slytherin house in the Harry Potter series is infamous for its cunning and manipulative nature, making this particular quote a fitting representation of the house’s character. The phrase ‘You’ll get more by far’ originates from the Sorting Hat, a wise and perceptive entity that has been known to provide sage advice. As fans of Slytherin, we can all relate to this sentiment and find common ground with fellow enthusiasts through its cleverness.

Starry Design Slytherin Tumbler

In the Harry Potter series, a distinct wizarding ambiance is achieved through the art used on these stars. A prime example of this is the Slytherin house tumbler design, which masterfully combines green and silver to evoke the essence of the house. The logo’s artistic elements shine in silver against a lush green background, presenting a comprehensive representation of Slytherin’s iconic colors.

Wizarding Art Collage Tumblers

Incorporating the magical world of Harry Potter into everyday life can be a delightful experience, especially with the right art designs. These stunning and straightforward illustrations are perfect for kids, as they offer a glimpse into the Wizarding world without any frightening or mature themes. The beautiful depictions of wands, plants, and stars create a sense of wonder and innocence that’s suitable for young eyes. With these designs, you can safely leave them out for your little ones to enjoy for extended periods.

Harry Potter Travel Tumbler

A unique aspect of this mug is its embodiment of the entire Hogwarts experience. At its center is the iconic school logo, surrounded by the four house animals – a testament to the rich traditions of Harry Potter. The inclusion of the Latin slogan adds an air of authenticity, paying homage to the magical world’s linguistic heritage, as seen in both the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts franchises.

Harry Potter Mascot Tumbler

The Hogwarts-inspired design combines the best elements of the wizarding world with a bright background that serves as a canvas for an intricate collage of logos and characters from the series. Delicate details, such as house animals and the iconic school badge, are scattered across the tumbler to create a subtle yet visually striking effect.

Dumbledore Quote Harry Potter Tumbler

Living life outside of our own thoughts can be challenging, but sometimes all it takes is a thought-provoking quote to nudge us in the right direction. The iconic Dumbledore quote is the perfect catalyst for this process, as it encourages us to step out of our own minds and engage with the world around us. Aesthetically, the logo’s design on a black background with tiny white stars evokes the feeling of gazing up at a starry night sky, grounding us in reality. The addition of small Harry Potter art pieces, such as glasses, further enriches the visual representation by providing context and depth.

Custom Glitter Harry Potter Tumbler

This intricate design stands out from the rest, featuring a mesmerizing combination of Harry Potter spells and quotes as its backdrop. The real showstopper is the majestic symbols floating atop, waiting for you to add your personal touch – whether that’s signing your name or gifting it to someone special. The vibrant color palette takes on an extra layer of enchantment with the addition of subtle glitter accents at the bottom of the tumbler, making this design a true masterpiece.

Hogwarts Harry Potter Travel Tumbler

The iconic Hogwarts logo is an ideal starting point for any Harry Potter-inspired artwork. This piece masterfully incorporates the school’s emblem, complete with its distinctive slogan and the symbols of each house – Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin – just as it appears in the beloved film series. While this logo is already a striking representation of the wizarding world, fans can further enhance their Harry Potter merchandise by introducing personal touches, such as bold colors or a collage-style background that adds an extra layer of depth and creativity.


With your creative juices flowing from exploring the best Harry Potter tumblers, you’re now equipped to design your own unique masterpieces. The convenience of sublimation printing allows for seamless downloads of graphics and effortless printing on mugs or tumblers. This magical world offers an abundance of captivating artwork and thought-provoking quotes, perfect for transforming into an extraordinary tumbler. In fact, the potential to start a business selling these bespoke tumblers to fellow fans is tantalizing, making this article the ideal inspiration hub.

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