How Do You Make Modeling Clay In Animal Crossing?

Modeling clay is a colorful and malleable crafting material in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. It allows players to sculpt miniature customizable items to decorate their islands. These creations can be food items, vehicles, animals, buildings, and more based on your imagination.

Making modeling clay and crafting with it is a fun creative activity in the game. Displaying your tiny clay models around your island or houses adds a unique decorative touch. Clay items bring more liveliness and visual interest to your spaces.

Gather Materials

To make modeling clay in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you’ll first need to gather the required materials. The main items you’ll need are:

  • Clumps of clay – Clay is the main material used to craft modeling clay. You can find clay deposits randomly around your island. Use your shovel to hit rocks and dig up clay clumps.
  • Iron nuggets – Iron nuggets are used along with clay to make modeling clay. You can find iron nuggets by hitting rocks with a shovel or axe. You’ll need at least 2 iron nuggets.

In addition to clay and iron, you’ll also need access to a DIY workbench to actually craft the modeling clay. Make sure you have a DIY workbench set up on your island or in your home before gathering materials.

Find Clay

Clumps of clay can be found buried around your Animal Crossing: New Horizons island. Grab your shovel and look for small cracks in the ground, which indicate buried items. Dig these up to uncover materials like clay. The clay will appear as a tan, round clump when you dig it up.

Clay is a common buried item in Animal Crossing, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding some if you spend time searching around your island with a shovel. Focus on spots along cliff edges, the beach, or near rivers where you often find fossils and gyroids buried. Each clump of clay you dig up will add 1 clay material to your inventory to use for crafting.

Make sure to dig up any spotted or cracked areas of dirt you come across while exploring your island. With some persistence, you’ll eventually dig up the clay you need for crafting modeling clay and other DIY recipes.

Craft Clay

Once you have the DIY recipe for clay, you can start crafting various clay items at your DIY workbench. Here are the steps to craft clay items in Animal Crossing:

1. Open up your DIY recipes and select the clay item you want to make. This could be a clay furnishing like a clay flowerpot or clay bed, or a clay fashion item like a clay headband.

2. Make sure you have enough clay in your inventory to craft the selected item. Each clay recipe will require a certain number of clays to create.

3. Interact with your DIY workbench and select “DIY Recipes” then select the clay item you want to craft.

4. Your character will begin crafting the clay item. Wait for them to finish crafting and the clay item will be added to your inventory.

5. You can then place the crafted clay item around your island or give it to a villager as a gift!

Crafting with clay allows you to create unique furniture and fashion items to really customize your island and character in Animal Crossing. Get creative with the types of clay items you craft and display!

Collect Iron Nuggets

Iron nuggets are one of the key ingredients needed to craft modeling clay in Animal Crossing. To collect iron nuggets, you’ll need to hit rocks on your island with a shovel or axe. Rocks spawn iron nuggets each day, up to 8 nuggets per rock. Follow these tips for collecting iron efficiently:

– Only hit rocks with a shovel or stone axe. Other tools won’t produce materials. Use a shovel for speed or an axe to get 8 items out of each rock.

– Dig holes behind you before hitting rocks. This prevents you from bouncing back and lets you hit the rock 8 times.

– Clear away items and objects around rocks before hitting them. Dropped materials can prevent new ones from spawning.

– Eat fruit or drink coffee for extra strength to extract more materials from each rock.

– Hit each rock on your island every day. Rocks respawn materials daily.

– Use Nook Miles Tickets to visit mystery islands with more rocks and resources. You can take these back to your own island.

– Check your island daily for glowing spots. Planting bells yields a money tree with bags of bells that can be sold for more Nook Miles Tickets.

Make Modeling Clay DIY

To make the modeling clay DIY recipe in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you’ll need to collect some materials first. This DIY recipe requires 2 clay and 1 iron nugget to craft at your workbench.

Follow these steps:

  1. Go into your crafting menu by pressing the A button.
  2. Select “DIY Recipes” and scroll through to find the modeling clay recipe.
  3. Make sure you have at least 2 clay and 1 iron nugget in your inventory.
  4. Select “Let’s make it” and your character will begin crafting at the workbench.
  5. Once crafted, the modeling clay will appear in your inventory.

That’s all there is to it! With the modeling clay DIY, you can now create cute clay models to decorate your island. Get creative and make some fun clay items to display around your home.

Use Modeling Clay

Once you have crafted some modeling clay in Animal Crossing, the fun really begins. Here are some ideas for ways to use modeling clay to design unique decorative items for your island:

Make mini food items – From cupcakes and doughnuts to pizza and sushi, you can shape realistic-looking small foods out of clay. Place them around your kitchen or outdoor cafe areas.

Sculpt tiny gyroids – These iconic Animal Crossing characters can be perched around your tiki bar or music studio when molded from clay.

Craft miniature fossils – Recreate tiny versions of the fossils you dig up, like ammonites and trilobites, to display in a customized excavation site.

Build tiny models of fish and bugs – Make clay versions of your favorite catches to decorate around fish tanks and bug exhibits.

Shape fruit, shells, and acorns – Add miniature versions of nature items like apples, starfish shells, and acorns on tabletops or shelves.

Make mini villager figurines – Sculpt your island residents out of modeling clay and showcase them together in a town square.

Craft miniature furniture items – Chairs, sofas, tables, and more can be shrunken down with clay for a unique design statement.

The possibilities are endless with modeling clay in Animal Crossing! Tap into your creativity to make tiny decorative objects to take your island decor to the next level.

Customize Clay

One of the best things about clay items in Animal Crossing is that you can customize them with different patterns and colors. Here’s how to customize clay items:

After you’ve crafted a clay item like a cup or vase at a DIY workbench, take it to a Customization Kit at a workbench inside Resident Services. Select the item you want to customize from your inventory.

This will bring up a menu showing different customization options. You can choose from your own custom designs or from a selection of preset patterns and colors. Select a pattern or color to apply to the clay item.

You can completely customize the color and pattern on clay items like cups, vases, pots, and more. This lets you match them to your home decor or create fun, unique designs.

Once you confirm the customization, the pattern will be applied to your clay item. Now you have a customized clay decoration you can use to decorate your home and island!

Display Clay Items

Once you’ve crafted your amazing clay creations in Animal Crossing, you’ll want to proudly display them around your island for all to see. Here are some great tips for showing off your modeling clay items:

Use platforms and tables – Place your clay items on top of platforms, tables, counter tops, dressers, or other raised surfaces. This gives them more visibility and makes them stand out.

Create a clay museum room – Devote a whole room in your house to be a modeling clay gallery. Fill it with different platforms and tables covered with your coolest clay creations.

Line walkways – Flank paths and walkways around your island with clay pieces on custom design stands. Guide visitors on a clay-filled tour.

Give as gifts – Surprise your island friends with unique clay gifts tailored to their personality. Seeing them use and appreciate your clay items is very rewarding.

Rotate frequently – Since you can easily craft tons of clay items, rotate which ones you display. Keep things fresh by highlighting different clay pieces regularly.


Modeling clay is a fun and creative way to add your own custom decorations in Animal Crossing. By gathering clay from riverbanks or buying from Nook’s Cranny, crafting it into clay at a DIY workbench, collecting iron to make modeling clay recipes, and using customization kits, you can make a wide variety of unique clay items. Display these homemade clay models around your island to add personality and flair. With the ability to craft lights, music players, sculptures, seasonal items, and more, modeling clay offers endless possibilities for customizing your island and expressing your creativity. So experiment and have fun designing clay items to make your Animal Crossing world uniquely your own.

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