How Do You Put A Pottery Barn Anywhere Chair Back Together?

The Pottery Barn Anywhere chair is a popular kids chair from Pottery Barn. It features a removable and machine washable slipcover and a removable back cushion. The chair is designed for children ages 3 and up. One of the key features of the Pottery Barn Anywhere chair is that the back cushion can be easily removed for cleaning or replacement if needed.

Sometimes the removable back cushion on the Pottery Barn Anywhere chair can come apart from the hardware holding it in place. When this happens, the back cushion needs to be reattached properly for the chair to be usable. This article provides step-by-step instructions on how to put the Pottery Barn Anywhere chair back together once it has become detached.

Gather Materials

Before reattaching the back to your Pottery Barn Anywhere chair, you’ll need to gather the following materials:

  • Chair back – This is the removable back panel that attaches to the seat.
  • Chair seat – The base of the chair that the back panel attaches to.
  • Hardware – The Anywhere chair uses hardware like screws or bolts to secure the back panel to the seat. Make sure you have all the necessary hardware ready.

It’s a good idea to lay out all the parts and hardware before beginning reassembly. This allows you to take stock of what you have and make sure you have all the required components at hand. Having everything ready will make the process smoother.

Once you’ve gathered the back panel, seat, and hardware, you’ll be ready to start reattaching the Anywhere chair back.

Inspect the Chair Back

Before attempting to reassemble the Pottery Barn Anywhere chair, thoroughly inspect the chair back for any damage or missing pieces. This is an important first step, as it will help you understand why the chair may have come apart and identify any parts that need to be replaced.

Pay close attention to the Velcro closure system along the back seam of the chair. This is the main mechanism that holds the back cushion to the frame. If the Velcro is worn out or pieces are missing, the back can easily detach from the base of the chair. You may need to replace the entire Velcro strip to properly reassemble.

Also inspect the seams and fabric closely. The anywhere chair is known for seam failures and tearing (Source). Look for any rips, holes, loose threads, or separated seams. These can cause the foam to shift and the cover to detach.

Check that all the interior baffles and foam pieces are still intact. The foam inserts should fit snugly and not be lumpy or misshapen. Often the foam compresses and needs to be replaced over time. Having foam inserts that are the wrong size or shape will make it difficult to realign the chair back.

Lastly, ensure no hardware pieces are broken or missing, like the plastic washers that attach the back to the frame. Note any parts that need to be replaced or reordered. Having all the right components will ensure a smooth reassembly.

Attach Hardware

The Pottery Barn Anywhere Chair requires some assembly to connect the back to the seat. This typically involves attaching any screws or bolts to the back piece first before attaching it to the chair frame.

attach any screws, bolts or other hardware to the back cushion before securing it to the base.

Locate any hardware that came with the chair such as screws, washers, bolts, etc. Identify where these need to be attached on the back piece. There may be pre-drilled holes or indentations indicating where to attach them.

If there are any larger bolts, carefully line them up with the pre-drilled holes and use a wrench or screwdriver to securely fasten them into place. Do not over tighten. For smaller screws, use a Phillips-head screwdriver to attach them into the back piece. Make sure all hardware meant for the back is properly installed before moving on to the next step of attachment.

Having any necessary hardware pre-installed on the back piece will make aligning and securing it to the chair frame easier in the next steps. Consult the instruction manual if unsure of where specific hardware needs to be attached on the back piece before connecting it to the frame.

Position the Back

Now that the hardware is attached, you’re ready to position the back cushion onto the seat of the chair. Be sure to place the back cushion in the correct orientation. According to the Pottery Barn Anywhere Chair assembly instructions, the Velcro strips that will secure the cushion should face downward onto the seat.1 The cushion may be labeled to indicate which side should face front.

Secure the Back

Once the back is positioned properly, it’s time to secure it in place. The Pottery Barn instructions recommend pushing firmly with your hands or using tools like a rubber mallet to lock the back into the base securely.

Make sure the back is flush against the base before applying force. You may need to apply quite a bit of pressure to get the back to lock in place. Don’t be afraid to push hard or tap firmly with a mallet. Applying adequate force ensures the back stays locked and doesn’t become loose over time.

Double check that the back did not shift or move while securing it. If it still seems aligned properly, the back should now be firmly attached. Give it a good wiggle to confirm it is stable and doesn’t jiggle or move.

If you are still struggling to get the back to lock into place, refer to the troubleshooting tips. Otherwise, the chair back should now be securely fastened.


Check Alignment

Once the hardware is secured and the back is in place, it’s important to double check that the back is properly centered and aligned. An off-center or misaligned back can make the chair uncomfortable and lead to uneven wear.

Start by visually inspecting the chair from all angles to ensure the back cushion looks centered within the frame. There should be an even gap on both sides between the back cushion and the arms of the chair frame. If the back cushion appears off-center, loosen the hardware and adjust until it is correctly aligned.

Next, gently push on the top and bottom of the back cushion to check that it is firmly attached with no wiggle room. The back cushion should not shift or move. If any movement is detected, further tighten the hardware until the back feels completely secure and stable.

As a final check, have someone sit in the chair and lean against the back cushion. It should feel centered and supportive without pulling to one side. If alignment issues are noticed at this stage, repeat the adjustment process until proper alignment is achieved.

Taking the time to verify correct back alignment will ensure the chair provides optimal comfort and lasts for many years of use. Refer to the Pottery Barn instruction guide here for step-by-step back attachment and alignment tips.

Test It Out

The final and most important step is to test out the chair after reattaching the back to ensure it is properly secured. Sit in the chair and lean back fully against the backrest. Lean side to side and forwards and backwards. This tests the strength and stability of the chair.

There should be no unusual sounds like cracking or creaking coming from the chair joints and hardware. The backrest should remain firmly in place as you shift your body weight around. If there is any looseness or instability detected, you may need to recheck the hardware connections or adjust the positioning.

It can also help to have a second person visually inspect the chair as you test it out. They may be able to spot any slight misalignments or issues from an outside perspective. Have them push down on the top of the backrest as you sit to confirm it does not budge or detach.

Only once the anywhere chair passes the testing phase can it be considered successfully reassembled and safe to use again. This provides peace of mind that the repair will hold up to normal use for years to come. Children can once again enjoy reading, relaxing, and playing in their favorite chair.


If after following all of the steps, the chair back is still loose or uneven, there are a few things to try:

Double check that the hardware is fully tightened and the back is positioned correctly between the arms (see instructions from Pottery Barn). Sometimes the Velcro straps need to be pulled tighter for a snug fit.

Check that the foam inserts are properly aligned. Removing and reinserting them can help get the cushions back into their correct positions (according to experiences shared on The Bump forums).

If adjusting the foam inserts and resecuring the hardware does not solve the issue, contact Pottery Barn customer service for assistance. They may be able to provide spare parts or replacements if anything is damaged.

As a last resort, search for tutorials on YouTube for tips on troubleshooting specific issues with the Anywhere chair back. There may be helpful visual demonstrations from other owners on reinforcing loose backs.


The chair back should now be securely reattached to the base following the step-by-step assembly instructions. Test it out by having someone sit in the chair and lean back to ensure there is no wobbling or loosening of the hardware.

For ongoing care, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. According to the Pottery Barn Kids website[1], the fabric chair cover can be removed and machine washed in cold water. Do not use bleach. Tumble dry on low heat. The foam inserts should be spot cleaned as needed.

With proper care and maintenance, your Pottery Barn Anywhere chair back and seat inserts should provide years of use.

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