How To Draw Cute Eyes: With 15 Kawaii Examples!

Are you eager to master the art of creating kawaii eyes? If so, you’ve landed on the perfect page. Kawaii, a Japanese term meaning ‘cute,’ encompasses a distinctive drawing style characterized by adorable facial features. As we dive into this article, you’ll discover the techniques and secrets to rendering various cute expressions that can be seamlessly integrated into your own artistic creations.

How to draw cute faces

The fundamental building blocks of facial expressions are the eyes, mouth, and blushing (often accompanied by eyebrows). This trifecta is capable of conveying a wide range of emotions when manipulated in various ways. By altering these three key elements, you can effectively convey any emotional state you desire.

To better illustrate this concept, I’ve grouped the expressions into three primary categories: those featuring both eyes open, those with one eye open, and those where both eyes are closed.

Two eyes open

When creating these adorable faces, begin by drawing two eyes that feature three highlights each to give them an extra touch of cuteness. For one eye, add a larger highlight on one side and two smaller highlights on the other side. Once you’ve got your eyes in place, let’s move on to adding a mouth and eyebrows to convey different emotions.

The simplest approach involves drawing an open semicircle between the eyes to form the mouth, accompanied by two small lines above the eyes that serve as the eyebrows. Two pink blushes complete this happy and cheerful look.

For the second example, make a slight adjustment by changing the open semicircle to a closed one. You can also add eyebrows if you prefer.

To convey a sense of excitement or emotional eating, draw a second line below the original mouth line. This gives the impression that the character is savoring something delicious. Additionally, drawing the eyebrows straight and away from the center adds to the emotional expression – perhaps this character has just discovered their favorite chocolate.

Finally, to create a cheeky or teasing expression, add a tongue sticking out of the mouth. It’s clear that this character is playfully teasing you, but their cuteness is simply irresistible!

One eye open and one eye closed

To create kawaii faces with one eye open and one closed, start by drawing an open semicircle for the closed eye. For a more feminine touch, add eyelashes at the end of the closed eye. This expression gives the impression that someone is winking at you, which can be used to convey playful or flirtatious emotions.Another expressive face features lips shaped like a heart with the bottom left open. Adding eyelashes to the closed eye helps to clearly indicate that it’s a female character. The overall appearance suggests that the character is about to give someone a gentle peck on the cheek, making for a cute and affectionate expression.Finally, let’s finish off with a happy face. Draw the mouth as a slightly compressed circle, then add small squares to represent the gaps between teeth. This big smile is sure to put a smile on your own face! It’s a great way to convey joy or excitement in your kawaii characters.

Both eyes closed

Drawing kawaii expressions with one or two closed eyes requires some creative experimentation, but it’s easier than you think. By building upon what you already know, you can create a variety of faces. Start by adapting the basic kawaii expression to include two closed eyes. This is a great way to get started and explore different facial features.To add more personality to your drawings, try changing the mouth shape. You can create a big smile that looks even happier when paired with two closed eyes. Alternatively, you can draw a cat-like mouth that adds a playful touch.For a more dramatic expression, use the semicircle mouth from earlier and add a tongue inside it. This can create a comical or silly effect.It’s also important to consider drawing sad faces, as life isn’t always happy. To draw a sad face, simply flip the eyes and mouth upside down, then add two large tears streaming down to convey the character’s distress.


As my creative journey continued, I decided to push the boundaries of traditional facial expressions. Three unique ‘kawaii’ eyes emerged that defied categorization. One set featured hearts as eyes, conveying the intensity of being head over heels in love. The second pair used ‘<' and '>‘ symbols, evoking the image of laughing so hard you’re rendered temporarily speechless. Finally, I experimented with combining these same eyes with an upside-down heart mouth, resulting in a cheeky, playful expression.


Get creative and draw cute faces and emojis with confidence! To help you get started, I’ve compiled an extensive guide featuring various eye, mouth, and expression combinations used throughout this post. As you experiment with copying a few examples, you’ll likely begin to develop your own unique styles and ideas.

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