How Much Does Sherwin Williams Paint Cost?

When it comes to achieving a professional-looking painting job, the quality of paints used plays a crucial role. Among the top-notch options, Sherwin-Williams, Behr, and Benjamin Moore are often favored for their high-quality products. However, with these reputable brands come a higher price tag. So, what’s the cost of Sherwin-Williams paint? On average, it ranges from $38 to $100 per gallon, depending on the finish type.

In this comprehensive article, we’ll delve into the world of Sherwin-Williams and cover everything you need to know about this popular paint brand. Whether you’re a seasoned painter or just starting out, this post is designed to provide valuable insights and answers to your pressing questions. We’ll explore various aspects of Sherwin-Williams paint, including its notable qualities, finish options, and pricing.

You’ll also learn how to maximize the paint, save money, and take advantage of sales and discounts. Additionally, we’ll discuss common FAQs, such as how long the paint lasts, its suitability for new drywalls, and more. By the end of this article, you’ll have a solid understanding of Sherwin-Williams paint and be equipped with the knowledge to make informed decisions about your painting projects.

What is Sherwin Williams?

Founded in 1866 by Henry Sherwin and Edward Williams, Sherwin Williams has evolved into a global leader in the production of paints, adhesives, coating materials, and decorative products. Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, the company has expanded its portfolio through strategic acquisitions, including Valspar, Ronseal, and Pinturas. Today, you can find Sherwin Williams’ extensive range of paints in over 100 locations worldwide, solidifying its reputation as ‘America’s Paint Company.’

Factors affecting the cost of Sherwin Williams paint

When it comes to determining the cost of Sherwin-Williams paint, there are two primary factors at play. Firstly, the company’s wide range of paint finishes, which cater to diverse consumer preferences, contributes to varying price points. Secondly, the brand’s reputation for offering high-end products with premium qualities also plays a significant role in shaping the final cost.


When it comes to painting, the finish you choose can greatly impact the overall look and feel of your project. Sherwin Williams, in particular, offers a wide range of paint finishes that cater to different styles and preferences. From flat to high gloss, and everything in between, their selection is comprehensive and varied. The right finish not only affects the aesthetic appeal but also influences the durability and washability of the surface.

For instance, a high-gloss finish would be ideal for areas that require easy cleaning, such as kitchen cabinets or bathrooms, while a matte finish might be better suited for low-traffic areas like living rooms. Ultimately, selecting the right paint finish is just as important as choosing the perfect color palette, and understanding the nuances of each finish can make all the difference in achieving the desired outcome.

Notable qualities

Sherwin Williams’ paint lines boast unique features that set them apart from others in the market. For instance, their mildew-resistant offerings excel in humid environments. Additionally, exterior paint lines showcase resistance to fading and peeling, making them ideal for weatherproofing applications. Furthermore, these paints are infused with self-cleaning technology, minimizing dirt and grime-induced stains on walls.

What’s more, it’s uncommon to find air-purifying paints or those with low VOC levels in the market. These innovative features contribute to Sherwin Williams’ premium pricing.

How much do different gallons of Sherwin Williams paint cost?

Sherwin Williams offers a diverse range of interior paints, each catering to specific needs and budgets. The varying options can be overwhelming, but understanding the differences between them is crucial for making an informed decision. Within their extensive portfolio, you’ll find paint lines that cater to distinct purposes, from high-end finishes to budget-friendly solutions.



Sherwin Williams’ acrylic line, this specific product boasts a silky consistency and the added convenience of being both a paint and primer combination – much like their popular Duration formula. This hybrid design makes it an excellent choice for DIY enthusiasts tackling painting projects, as its ease of use reduces the likelihood of mistakes. Moreover, its high-shade capabilities enable it to effectively conceal large wall stains.

Notably, this versatile option is priced competitively at around $60-70 per gallon.



Sherwin Williams’ ProMar 200 latex acrylic interior paint stands out for its affordability, with prices ranging from $35 to $45 per gallon, making it an attractive option for DIY enthusiasts on a budget. This line was designed specifically for home improvement projects, offering a high-quality yet budget-friendly solution for various tasks.

With over 1,700 color options and three finishes (satin, semi-gloss, and flat) to choose from, this paint also boasts low VOC certification, ensuring a safer and healthier painting experience. As an added bonus, it doubles as a paint and primer combo, providing exceptional durability despite its cost-effectiveness.



Duration latex paint is a great option for high-traffic areas in the home, such as living rooms, kitchens, and hallways, where durability and ease of maintenance are crucial. Its unique characteristic is that it’s both a paint and a primer, allowing you to apply it directly to your walls without the need for an additional primer step. This feature makes it particularly well-suited for homes with kids and pets, as it can withstand their inevitable messes and spills.

The stain-resistant formula also provides added peace of mind when it comes to accidents or unexpected mishaps. With a price range of $70-75 per gallon, Duration latex paint is a reliable choice for homeowners seeking a low-maintenance solution that still packs a punch when it comes to color and vibrancy.

Emerald Interior

Emerald Interior

Sherwin Williams’ premium Emerald interior paint line stands out due to its exceptional quality and adaptability. This high-end option can seamlessly cover various surface types, including smooth finishes, textured surfaces, and even damp areas like basements. The paint’s washable and extremely durable properties make it an excellent choice for busy households or families with young children.

Furthermore, Emerald’s mildew-resistant formula ensures a pristine finish that remains unaffected by humidity and moisture. At a price point ranging from $75 to $100 per gallon, this luxurious option is sure to impress.

Emerald Exterior

Emerald Exterior

High-end paint designed for weatherproofing exteriors, this premium offering from [Brand Name] boasts a patented self-cleaning technology that effortlessly washes away dirt and grime, providing UV protection for your home. With a price point ranging from $105 to $112, it’s an investment worth considering.

Two distinct variations cater to different needs: the Emerald Urethane Trim, ideal for exterior trims, and the Emerald Rain Refresh, specifically designed for areas with more pronounced climates.

SuperPaint interior

SuperPaint interior

For those considering color-changing projects, particularly for their bedroom or living room, this paint stands out as the top pick. Its exceptional durability offers a high-hide finish that effectively conceals wall stains. Moreover, it combines both paint and primer functions with excellent washability properties. Available in four finishes – satin, velvet, semi-gloss, and flat – this versatile option is suitable for various painting tasks around the house.

With a price tag of $60-65 per gallon, SuperPaint provides an affordable solution for homeowners looking to enhance their space’s aesthetic.



For those seeking a mid-range paint that delivers high-end results, the FlexTemp is an excellent choice. Its reputation for durability makes it well-suited for painting projects in harsh weather conditions and temperatures ranging from 35°F to 120°F. Priced between $70-75 per gallon, this versatile option provides exceptional value for its performance.

SuperPaint exterior

SuperPaint exterior

When it comes to choosing an exterior acrylic latex paint on a budget, this option stands out for its impressive versatility and affordability. It’s capable of thriving in environments with varying temperatures and humidity levels – from hot and humid to cold and frosty conditions. What’s more, the paint boasts a smooth and silky texture that makes it a pleasure to work with.

In terms of durability, you can rely on this paint to resist peeling, fading, dirt accumulation, mildew attacks, and other forms of wear and tear. And at a price point of around $60-65 per gallon, it’s an excellent value for the quality and performance you receive.

A-100 Exterior Latex Paint

A-100 Exterior Latex Paint

The exterior line’s most budget-friendly option stands out for its remarkable durability, priced affordably at $40-50 per gallon. Specifically designed for weatherproofing purposes, this product boasts a comprehensive 15-year warranty. Unlike others, it resists fading and peeling, while also being washable and remarkably resilient in extreme temperatures and various weather conditions.



While not as flashy as some other paints on the market, this particular interior paint stands out for its unique ability to improve air quality within a room. Priced at around $60-66, it’s an affordable solution that offers more than just a fresh coat of color. One of its most impressive features is its capacity to significantly reduce VOC levels, making indoor spaces healthier and more pleasant to inhabit.

Additionally, this paint is remarkably durable, washable, and capable of withstanding harsh conditions without succumbing to fading or peeling.

How much does a gallon of Sherwin Williams cover?

When it comes to estimating the coverage area of a gallon of Sherwin-Williams paint, there’s a general guideline: 200-400 square feet. However, this range is influenced by the specific painting project at hand. To get a more accurate estimate, you can utilize the company’s online paint calculator or check the label on the side of the can for an estimated coverage area. This will give you a head start in planning your project and ensuring you have enough paint to complete it.

What is the most popular Sherwin Williams paint?

The Emerald interior line stands out as a premium paint solution, offering both DIY and professional painters a unique advantage due to its dual nature as a paint and primer combo. Not only does it provide unparalleled coverage with just one coating, but it’s also surprisingly cost-effective. Additionally, this eco-friendly paint boasts low VOC levels, making it an excellent choice for those prioritizing environmental sustainability.

How to save money on Sherwin Williams paint

While it’s true that Sherwin-Williams paint may carry a slightly higher price tag than some other options on the market, it’s not necessarily out of reach for those looking to make a purchase. In fact, with a little planning and strategy, it’s possible to save money when buying from this reputable brand.

Buying online vs in-store

While buying Sherwin Williams paints online has its advantages, such as potential discounts through advertised coupons, it’s hard to replicate the personalized service and expert advice that comes with purchasing in-store. One of the biggest benefits of buying in-person is the ability to receive tailored paint recommendations from knowledgeable staff. Additionally, you can easily find a local hardware store or Sherwin Williams retailer near you, as they have a widespread global presence.

Maximizing the paint

When it comes to maximizing the effectiveness of your paint, minimizing the number of coats can be a game-changer. One way to achieve this is by taking advantage of Sherwin Williams’ unique formula, which results in thicker paints that can often be applied in fewer coats than their thinner counterparts. What’s more, many Sherwin Williams paints are designed as both paint and primer, making them a cost-effective solution for your painting needs.

As these paints are already formulated to provide excellent coverage, you may find that you don’t need to apply as much paint as you would with a traditional paint. By taking a strategic approach to your painting project, you can enjoy better results while reducing the amount of paint you use.

Paint with precision

Before commencing the painting process, it’s crucial to assess the surface area accurately to ensure a precise calculation of the required paint volume per square foot. This step also helps minimize waste by preventing excess paint from being applied. Additionally, applying adhesives or primers to the surface can further optimize the painting experience and reduce the likelihood of unwanted paint residue.

Take advantage of sales and discount coupons

When considering Sherwin Williams paints, it’s essential to keep in mind that they frequently offer substantial discounts. In fact, a regular 30-40% markdown on their products is not uncommon. As such, if you have ongoing painting projects or plans for future renovations, it may be beneficial to stock up while prices are lowered. Additionally, individuals affiliated with the military can take advantage of an exclusive 15% discount, which must be used separately from other promotional offers.

This special perk is available only to those who present their military credentials at the time of purchase.

They have a loyalty program

With the commitment to using Sherwin Williams paint, it’s worth considering signing up for their Paint Perks loyalty card. As a member, you’ll enjoy a valuable incentive – $10 off every $50 purchase, effectively reducing your total cost. Furthermore, being part of this program grants you early access to special promotions and exclusive deals, ensuring you’re always informed about the best ways to save on your paint needs.

Use their online paint calculator

While it’s easy to overestimate the amount of paint needed, which can result in unnecessary expenses, there are tools available to help you get an accurate measurement. One such tool is the online paint calculator offered by Sherwin Williams. This digital aid allows you to calculate the exact amount of paint required for your project, thereby minimizing waste and saving you money in the long run.

Take advantage of paint samples

When preparing to paint a surface, many local hardware stores offer paint samples on affordable, disposable materials like scrap wood or concrete slabs. These inexpensive paint sheets can be easily applied and then removed without leaving residue. This allows homeowners to test the color at home, accurately gauge how much product they’ll need for their project, and avoid any potential mistakes.

Ask the personnel of their ‘oops’ paint

While it may not be widely known, there is indeed a designated storage area for returned paints. In the industry, these paints are affectionately referred to as ‘oops’ paints, which stems from the common phrase ‘oops, I got the wrong color!’ or ‘oops, I need another finish.’ As a result of being slightly imperfect, oops paints typically retail for around $10 less than their displayed counterparts.

If you’re looking to snag a premium discount, inquiring about oops paints is definitely worth a try.

How much does it cost to paint a room with Sherwin Williams paint?

The cost of painting a room largely depends on its size and the type of paint used. For instance, a standard bedroom measuring 144 square feet may require just one gallon of Sherwin Williams paint, accompanied by an average cost of $115-$180 in total. However, this figure can vary depending on the specific paint line chosen.

In contrast, a typical living room with a larger area of over 600 square feet might need two gallons of paint, resulting in a total cost range of $150-$300, provided the desired paint line is selected.

How much is Sherwin Williams paint Vs Behr paint?

In the realm of American paints, Behr occupies a prominent position alongside industry stalwarts Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore. As the go-to paint brand for Home Depot, Behr offers an attractive price point compared to its premium counterpart, Sherwin Williams. The cost difference is notable, with a gallon of Behr ranging from $22-50 depending on the specific color and finish chosen.

In contrast, Sherwin Williams prices span a wider range of $38-100 per gallon, making Behr an appealing option for those seeking a more affordable painting solution.

How much is Sherwin Williams paint Vs Benjamin Moore paint?

While Benjamin Moore has a longer history than Sherwin Williams, both brands offer similar pricing ranges. The cost of their paints can vary depending on the specific color and finish. On average, Benjamin Moore’s prices fall within the range of $35-80 per gallon, which is comparable to Sherwin Williams’ range of $38-100.

Here are some side-by-side comparisons of specific paint lines from both brands:Sherwin Williams offers a range of interior paints, including Extreme Interior Latex for $94 per gallon, Moore Aura Interior for $80 per gallon, Duration Home Interior for $70 per gallon, and Regal Select Interior for $60 per gallon.

Exterior options include SuperPaint Exterior Acrylic for $70 per gallon, Regal Select Exterior for $64 per gallon, A-100 Exterior Acrylic Latex for $50 per gallon, and Ben Waterborne Exterior for $48 per gallon.


How long does Sherwin Williams paint last?

Sherwin Williams paints are renowned for their durability, with an average lifespan of 8-15 years. To further underscore their confidence in their products, they offer a 15-year warranty on each paint can. When stored properly at room temperature and away from direct air exposure, it’s not uncommon for the paint to remain usable for another 5 years after initial opening. As such, proper storage is crucial to maintaining the quality of the paint.

This includes keeping it away from extreme temperatures, which could alter the chemical composition of the paint.

Is Sherwin Williams paint a good choice for new drywalls?

Sherwin Williams’ exterior paints are predominantly combinations of paint and primer, allowing you to apply them directly to new drywall without the need for separate primers. Additionally, their products boast washable and durable properties, making them suitable for humid or frost-prone regions. This eliminates the added expense of priming, ultimately reducing overall paint costs.

If you’re looking to outfit your new drywall with the best Sherwin Williams option, consider their Emerald exterior semi-gloss, which offers exceptional performance and protection.

Can I cover bright red walls with just a gallon of Sherwin Williams primer?

The amount of primer needed to cover your drywall ultimately depends on its surface area. As a rough estimate, a gallon of Sherwin Williams primer can typically transform bright red walls into a crisp white finish. Beyond what’s been covered here, other reliable options from Sherwin Williams include their ProBlock primer and Wall and Wood latex primer.

Do I need two coats of Sherwin Williams paint?

Sherwin Williams paints are known for their thick consistency, making them capable of providing adequate coverage with a single coat application. However, there may be situations where two coats are necessary. In such cases, it’s essential to maintain a consistent interval between applications. According to experienced professionals who have worked with Sherwin Williams paint, the optimal time gap should be around 24 hours, allowing for proper drying and adhesion.

How long do Sherwin Williams paint dry in damp conditions?

In humid environments and during rainy seasons, it’s crucial to manage the drying process of Sherwin Williams paint effectively. While the manufacturer may not provide a specific guideline for these conditions, experienced painters often rely on a general rule of thumb: allowing the paint to dry for approximately 4 hours before exposing it to moisture. This interval is sufficient for the paint to bond with the surface and withstand the dampness that follows, ensuring a strong and lasting finish.

Can Sherwin Williams paint permanently resist mildew buildup?

While Sherwin Williams’ mildew-resistant labels do provide a certain level of protection, they are not foolproof. In fact, when their paints are applied to surfaces that are consistently exposed to moisture, mildew buildup can still occur. This is because neglect and inadequate maintenance can undermine even the most resilient paint, including those from Sherwin Williams.

How do I wipe off mildew stains on a wall that needs new paint?

Nowadays, there are specialized cleaning products on the market that cater specifically to removing mildew stains from walls. However, if you’re looking for a more traditional approach, a mixture of bleach and water can still be effective. It’s essential to ensure the wall is completely dry before applying primer or paint, as any moisture can prevent the latter from adhering properly.

What cleaning solutions could be used in maintaining Sherwin Williams painted walls?

For stubborn stains, a gentle soap and water solution may not be enough. However, non-abrasive cleaners can help remove them effectively. When selecting a cleaner, it’s crucial to avoid those containing ammonia, as they can cause paint fading or peeling over time, even if the finish is durable and resistant to such conditions.

What is the curing time for Sherwin Williams Emerald paint?

Sherwin Williams’ Emerald paint is a highly sought-after option for many homeowners and professionals alike. One important consideration to keep in mind when working with this popular paint line is its curing time, which typically takes around 30 days to complete. During this four-week period, the applied Emerald paint will remain soft and pliable, making it essential to avoid exposure to water or other liquids until the paint has fully hardened.

Failure to do so may result in premature wear or damage to the finished surface, ultimately wasting the valuable Emerald paint.

Where can I buy Sherwin Williams paint?

With an impressive global presence, Sherwin Williams has established a significant footprint across 109 countries worldwide. The brand’s vast network of over 46,000 retail locations further underscores its commitment to accessibility and customer convenience. In the United States, you can find Sherwin Williams paint at various retailers, including local hardware stores as well as popular in-store and online destinations such as StoreAce Hardware, Lowe’s, Home Depot, Amazon, and Etsy.


While Sherwin Williams paints may be priced higher than other brands on the market, their premium quality justifies the cost. As a leading paint and coating manufacturer, they’ve incorporated eco-friendly features that benefit both consumers and the environment. Two key advantages of their products are low VOC levels and superior resistance to stains, fading, peeling, and mildew.

Each product also has its unique strengths, such as air purification properties and exceptional coverage for large wall stains. With a legacy spanning over a century, it’s no wonder why Sherwin Williams continues to excel in the industry.

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