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If budget-friendly tack room solutions are what you’re after, you’ve come to the right place! This article will share practical and cost-effective ideas for organizing and storing your horse equipment.

The tack room is a crucial area in any barn, serving as a central hub for all things equine. It’s where you’ll find essential items like saddle pads, saddles, halters, and other gear used for horse care, such as buckets and grooming tools. To function efficiently, the tack room requires sturdy saddle racks, hooks, and shelves that are easily accessible. The good news is that setting up your space doesn’t have to break the bank.

By implementing some creative and budget-conscious solutions, you can create a tidy and organized tack room without sacrificing style or functionality.

25 Tack Room Ideas on Budget

Every horse owner’s ultimate aspiration is a well-stocked and efficiently run tack room, where every essential item is readily accessible. A clean and organized space makes it simple to locate what you need, when you need it. To achieve this ideal, consider the following ideas for building or upgrading your tack room, with cost-effectiveness in mind.

Saddle Hanger

When utilizing a saddle, it’s crucial to ensure it’s properly secured and supported, as it is heavy equipment. One simple and cost-effective solution is to employ a saddle hanger. You can either purchase one or create your own saddle hanger or strap. This setup will not only keep your saddle organized in your tack room but also enable you to transport it safely in your vehicle when traveling, keeping it tidy and secure on the go.

DIY Bucket Saddle Rack

To create a practical and organized tack room, consider securing heavy-duty plastic buckets onto the walls using sturdy screws. These buckets provide an ideal surface for resting saddles, while also offering ample storage space for items like tendon boots and extra stirrup leather. Before placing saddles on the buckets, be sure to cover them with saddle covers or cloths to maintain their cleanliness. And the best part? You won’t have to break the bank to acquire these plastic buckets, as they can often be sourced from painting specialists, feed stores, and similar suppliers at no additional cost.

Saddle Racks or Stands

The saddle rack options include various materials, with some featuring fold-down designs when not in use. For those on a budget, the wall-mounted saddle racks provide an affordable solution, accommodating English and western style saddles while conserving space. Additionally, portable wall-mount saddle racks offer a cost-effective yet supportive option for storing your saddle, providing optimal support without breaking the bank.

Helmet Hooks

When it comes to storing helmets, budget-friendly DIY solutions can be a game-changer. One such option is crafting your own helmet hooks using repurposed materials. This approach offers a cost-effective way to keep your headgear organized, regardless of whether you have a collection of expensive or affordable helmets. For instance, consider dedicating separate storage for your pricier helmets in their respective bags while reserving the DIY hooks for regularly used helmets. To elevate the aesthetic appeal of these humble hooks, simply add a tennis ball attachment, which not only adds visual flair but also helps prevent distortion or unwanted tugging on the harness by keeping the helmet securely in place.

Whip Holders

For horse owners who rely heavily on their whips, a reliable whip holder is an essential accessory. When selecting one, consider durability, non-toxicity, and the absence of unpleasant odors in the material – ABS plastic being a popular choice. If budget permits, wooden or steel options are also available. With most whip holders wall-mounted, installation is straightforward and hassle-free, allowing for convenient storage and easy access.


Proper ventilation in a tack room is crucial for maintaining the quality of leather equipment. While circulating air with fans may not be feasible on a tight budget, there are cost-effective ways to achieve good airflow. If your tack is situated outdoors, you’re already halfway there. However, if it’s stored in an indoor locker, using a moisture-regulating material that also exudes style can be a wise decision. Wood is an excellent choice for this purpose and won’t break the bank. Furthermore, maintaining a dust-free and dry environment is vital. This can be achieved by installing a small window to allow fresh air to enter while keeping moisture at bay.

Portable Blanket Racks and Brackets

Portable blanket racks and brackets provide a convenient solution for storing fly sheets, horse blankets, and cooling sheets off the floor while keeping them organized. A crucial benefit of this equipment is its ability to facilitate rapid drying of wet blankets. For those on a budget, creating a DIY blanket rack using rope and PVC pipe is a feasible option, as these materials are readily available. When it comes to décor, you can opt for wooden or metal racks that suit your tack room’s aesthetic. Metal racks, in particular, offer exceptional strength and the capacity to hold multiple blankets.

Bridle Hooks

When it comes to tack room essentials, bridle hooks are a relatively affordable and practical addition. While there may be various types of bridle hooks available, investing in multi-unit options that can accommodate more than one is generally recommended. By incorporating a sponge into the design, you can prevent the hooks from pinching or damaging headstalls, making them a convenient and functional choice for any equestrian setup.

Rustic Ban-Style Saddle Poles

When it comes to creating saddle poles on a budget, this is a clever solution. Instead of investing in specialized materials, you can repurpose simple wooden posts to achieve the desired outcome. Specifically, 2×4-inch timber is an excellent choice for building sturdy saddle poles. For heavier western saddles that require extra strength, consider combining two pieces of 2×4-inch wood to create a reinforced structure.

Cubicle Style Shelves

Assembling cubicle-style shelves is a breeze, making them an ideal solution for storing essentials like medications and disinfectants. The simplicity of their construction makes them easy to multiply, allowing you to create multiple sets that can greatly streamline the process of finding what you need.

Repurposed Containers

When it comes to storing medication, consider using clear cosmetic bags – they’re a great option. Alternatively, you can repurpose larger plastic bins or tubes depending on your storage needs. For instance, PVC tubs typically used for horse supplements can be ideal for storing items like cotton wool and bandages. Just be sure to label each container clearly so you can easily identify what’s inside.

Portable Wire Wall Panels and carts

Portable wire wall carts serve as a versatile storage solution for various items. By keeping your inventory tidy and organized, these carts enable efficient retrieval and placement of products. When not in use, they can be easily slid onto the tack room cabinet or mounted along metal rails on walls, streamlining your storage space.

Simple DIY Boot Hanger

When it comes to shoe storage, there’s no shortage of creative ideas to draw inspiration from. However, what sets this particular approach apart is its affordability and effectiveness in taming clutter in your tack room. The key component is a few essential pieces of wood, which can be easily sourced and installed to create a space-saving boot hanger behind the door. This clever solution not only frees up valuable real estate but also helps maintain a sense of order and calm in an area that’s often prone to chaos.

Store Feeds in a Steel or Plastic Bin

When it comes to storing your horse’s food, a steel trash bin with a tight-fitting lid is an excellent choice. Not only does it prevent rodents from accessing the feed, but it also keeps the area clean and free of spills. The ability to lift the lid with your foot while scooping dinner for your horses is an added convenience. For those on a tighter budget, a plastic bin can be a viable option as well. However, it’s essential to exercise caution when handling horse feed in this type of container, as rats can easily chew through the plastic. To avoid attracting unwanted critters, make sure to store the bins in a way that minimizes spills and messes.

An Old Freezer

When repurposing your old freezer for feed storage, consider its value as a secure and dry space. Although it’s not necessary to power it on, you can utilize the unit’s inherent insulation properties to keep your feeds fresh. To deter unwanted critters like rats from exploiting the setup, ensure that the lid is secured with a robust hasp latch. This simple yet effective measure will prevent rodents from finding their way into the storage compartment.

Crate Draws

For those on a tight budget, this storage idea offers a cost-effective solution that’s easy to implement. The key is to use affordable materials like wooden crates, which can be sourced online or locally. To keep costs down, you could also opt for using wood profiles instead of aluminum ones.

Pallet Rack

The pallet rack has become an indispensable tool for maximizing storage capacity due to its versatility and practicality. Its adaptability allows you to design customized arrangements tailored to the specific needs of your tack room, ensuring optimal utilization of available space. Furthermore, the ease of assembly and affordability of materials make it a cost-effective solution for storage purposes. With this versatile system, you can efficiently store cleaning equipment and supplies in your tack room, streamlining daily operations and reducing clutter.

Portable and Simple Boot Rack

When it comes to maintaining a tidy tack room, a reliable boot rack is an indispensable asset. Not only does it shield the floor from mud and dirt, but it also helps keep your storage space organized. Interestingly, there are distinct types of boot racks available – wall-mounted and portable options. While a wall-mounted boot rack might not be the most practical choice for smaller tack rooms, a freestanding, portable boot rack like this one can prove to be an excellent solution.

Simple Open Closet

Consider repurposing an ordinary closet as a storage space for your colorful saddle pads. This way, you can utilize hangers to neatly organize the pads while also keeping blankets and jackets within easy reach. For a sturdy construction, focus on using high-quality metal and timber materials.

Wall-Mounted Saddle Rack

Crafting a wall-mounted saddle rack requires minimal skill and resources, making it an accessible DIY project. To give your creation a personal touch, consider adding a lacquer or custom colour finish that complements your tack room’s aesthetic.

Hidden Shelves

With minimal financial outlay, this innovative solution requires mere creative thinking. If your tack room is compact and lacks floor or wall space for storage, consider repurposing the often-overlooked roof area. By installing discreet DIY shelving units, you can efficiently utilize previously underutilized space, effectively resolving any storage woes.

Hanging Bags

For maximum organizational efficiency, consider utilizing hanging bags to store an array of supplies and equipment. By doing so, you can maintain a tidy tack room without breaking the bank. To secure these bags, simply attach them to the wall using nails or clips, keeping your essentials within easy reach.

Bins for Blankets

For individuals residing in areas characterized by relentless precipitation or insect infestations, maximizing storage space within their living quarters becomes a pressing concern. To address this issue, consider repurposing large containers to store cleaned and dried blankets. It’s essential to implement an organizational system by labeling the bins with the horse’s name and the type of blanket, ensuring that specific items can be easily located.

Overhead Drying Rack

By implementing this organizational system, you’ll not only free up valuable storage space but also ensure your blankets and saddle pads remain dry and at the ready. This setup streamlines the process of rotating through your collection, making it effortless to find the perfect gear for any ride or situation.

Rolling Tack Cart

For those working on a limited budget, building a DIY rolling tack cart can be an excellent way to upgrade your workspace without breaking the bank. This handy contraption is particularly beneficial for individuals dealing with back problems or seeking to streamline their workflow by transporting multiple items at once.

Tips To Keep Your Tack Room Organized

Elevate the ambiance of your tack room without breaking the bank by incorporating clever organizational strategies. The key to achieving this lies in implementing these straightforward yet effective ideas, transforming the space into a haven that exudes functionality and style.

Keep Everything Simple

Maintaining a tidy tack room doesn’t have to break the bank. Affordable organizers, often priced between $2 and $3, can be sourced from tack stores or home and tack improvement retailers. By investing in these simple yet effective solutions, you can efficiently utilize your space without sacrificing a significant portion of your budget.

Take Care of The Basics

To transform your tack room into an organized haven, start by tackling minor yet impactful changes. Begin with cosmetic upgrades such as repairing damaged floorboards, windows, and doors to prevent dust and debris from collecting. This will create a clean slate for future organization. Next, consider giving the walls a fresh coat of paint or applying wallpaper to breathe new life into the space.

Make It Appear Cozier

Transforming your tack room into a welcoming space is a straightforward process that requires minimal effort and investment. One effective way to achieve this is by incorporating soft, cozy elements such as curtains, warm rugs, and rich colors on the walls. If you’re looking to take it up a notch, consider upgrading the lighting to create a warm and inviting ambiance.

Use Art and Poster

When it comes to horse-themed artwork and prints, the options are truly vast. Many of these pieces feature inspiring quotes, witty sayings, or poignant phrases that celebrate the majesty and beauty of horses. For those looking to add a touch of equine elegance to their space, you can easily find a wide range of pre-made posters and artworks online. Alternatively, if you’re feeling creative, you can also try your hand at crafting your own unique horse-inspired art or print.


When it comes to bringing your tack room vision to life on a budget, it’s essential to start by creating a clear plan of action. Take some time to brainstorm a list of tasks that will help you achieve the desired outcome. This will ensure that you’re not overlooking any crucial steps in the process. Furthermore, if you’re working with a limited budget, consider sourcing your materials and equipment from affordable options such as discount saddle stores or online marketplaces for organizers. By taking a thoughtful approach to your tack room makeover, you’ll be able to create a space that’s both functional and beautiful without breaking the bank.

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