What Can I Put Behind A Reclining Sofa? (10 Ideas)

Optimizing the functional and aesthetic appeal of a living space requires careful consideration when choosing furniture arrangement. When it comes to placing pieces behind a reclining sofa, finding the right fit can be challenging. However, by considering various options, you can add style and practicality to your room. In this sense, it’s not just about what goes behind the sofa, but also how it contributes to the overall ambiance of the space.

For instance, adding a storage ottoman or bookshelves can provide a functional touch while also serving as decorative accents. A console table or floor lamp can add a stylish element, while room dividers and space-saving furniture can help create a sense of separation without overwhelming the space. Indoor plants and personalized touches can bring in a natural and intimate feel, respectively. Finally, rugs can tie everything together and define the different areas within the room.

When it comes to what you can put behind a reclining sofa, there are many options available. Some popular choices include storage ottomans, wall art, bookshelves, console tables, floor lamps, room dividers, space-saving furniture, indoor plants, and personalized touches. You can also consider adding rugs to define different areas within the room.

In terms of what you should avoid putting behind a reclining sofa, it’s generally best to steer clear of heavy or bulky pieces that may obstruct the recliner’s functionality. It’s also important to leave enough space between the sofa and any adjacent walls to ensure comfortable movement and relaxation. Ultimately, the key is to strike a balance between form and function when choosing what goes behind your reclining sofa.

Add a storage ottoman

Add a storage ottoman

Transforming the often underutilized space behind a recliner into a functional hub is easily achievable with a storage ottoman. This clever piece of furniture not only offers additional seating options but also features built-in compartments perfect for storing various items like books, blankets, pillows, and more. The result is a cozy nook that’s both practical and inviting.

Wall Art

Wall Art

Behind a reclining sofa, a thoughtfully curated piece of wall art can make a significant impact on the overall aesthetic of the room. A statement artwork or collection of picture frames can capture attention and serve as a focal point, allowing you to showcase your personal style while also elevating the space’s visual appeal. To achieve a cohesive look, be intentional about selecting pieces that harmonize with the surrounding decor in terms of color palette and theme.



Maximizing storage behind a reclining sofa is easily achieved with bookshelves, which serve both practical and aesthetic purposes. These versatile pieces provide ample space for storing books, trinkets, and other items while harmoniously complementing the overall ambiance of the room. The diverse range of styles and sizes available ensures that there’s a perfect fit for any setting, including clever corner shelves that snugly align with the edge of a recliner.

Wall-mounted shelves also cleverly utilize vertical space, adding an engaging visual element to the area. The best part? With bookshelves, you have the freedom to effortlessly rearrange and revamp your decor as often as you like, making them a thoughtful addition to any room.

Console Table

Console Table

Console tables are a thoughtful solution for maximizing space behind a reclining sofa, where every inch counts. Their lengthy profile allows them to seamlessly integrate into tight spaces, making them an ideal choice for this often-overlooked area. Not only do console tables provide additional surface space for showcasing decorative pieces, lighting fixtures, or storage solutions like baskets and shelves, but they also cater to diverse tastes with their array of styles and materials.

From classic designs that exude timeless sophistication to more modern interpretations that bring a touch of contemporary flair, console tables can effortlessly complement any room’s aesthetic while delivering both elegance and practicality without consuming excessive space.

Floor Lamp

Floor Lamp

A floor lamp offers more than just illumination – it’s a versatile tool that combines ambient lighting with a stylish decorative element. By placing a tall, freestanding light fixture behind a reclining sofa, you can instantly brighten up the area and add a touch of sophistication to the room. With an array of shapes, sizes, colors, and materials available, finding one that harmonizes with your living space is a breeze.

Not only do floor lamps provide lighting in dark corners or create the illusion of a larger space by drawing attention to their vertical height, but they’re also incredibly easy to relocate when rearranging furniture, making them a practical addition to any room.

Room Divider

Room Divider

When it comes to organizing and personalizing an open-plan living space, room dividers can be a game-changer. By installing decorative screens, beads, curtains, or shelving units, you can create a sense of separation between different areas without sacrificing the airy feel of the room. This is particularly useful in larger spaces that lack walls or when carving out a cozy nook for reading or working amidst shared living quarters.

With dividers available in an array of shapes, sizes, and designs, you’re bound to find one that harmonizes with your space’s aesthetic.

Space-saving Furniture

Space-saving Furniture

Transforming a limited area behind a reclining sofa into a functional space requires clever use of space-saving furniture. The perfect solution lies in multipurpose or foldable pieces, such as nesting tables and fold-out desks, designed to be compact and adaptable. These space-efficient designs not only optimize the available space but also offer the flexibility to move or store them when no longer needed.

Nesting tables provide a convenient surface for impromptu gatherings, while fold-out desks serve as temporary workstations that can be effortlessly tucked away when not in use. By incorporating such clever furniture solutions, one can effectively make the most of a small area, balancing practicality and style.

Indoor Plants

Indoor Plants

Indoor plants offer a simple yet effective way to infuse a touch of the outdoors into any room, providing numerous benefits for both aesthetics and well-being. By purifying the air and creating a calming atmosphere, these greenery wonders can significantly enhance indoor spaces. Among the most popular low-maintenance options that thrive in indoor conditions are aloe vera, spider plants, peace lilies, fiddle leaf figs, and succulents.

With proper care, these plants can not only add a subtle splash of color but also help to freshen up the look of your living space while promoting a healthier environment.

Personalized Touches

Personalized Touches

Transforming your living room into a cozy haven begins with adding personal touches that reflect your unique story. Incorporate sentimental items such as family photos, travel mementos, or treasured keepsakes to infuse the space with warmth and familiarity. Strategically placing these mementos behind your reclining sofa can create an inviting atmosphere that’s tailored to you and your loved ones.

Additionally, consider incorporating decorative trinkets and artwork to inject color and personality into the room. As you curate these personalized elements, your living area will gradually take on a character all its own, making it feel like home sweet home.



Rugs are a versatile tool for crafting a welcoming ambiance in any living space. Whether driven by a desire for comfort or a need for visual flair, introducing a rug into your living room can have a profound impact on the room’s aesthetic and atmosphere.

When it comes to reclining sofas, smaller rugs are ideal for creating a cozy nook behind the furniture, while larger options can be used to define separate spaces or establish gathering areas.

The beauty of rugs lies in their incredible diversity. With countless styles, colors, patterns, and materials to choose from, you’re bound to find a rug that seamlessly integrates with your living room’s unique character.

In conclusion, turning an often-overlooked area behind your reclining sofa into a warm and inviting space doesn’t have to be a daunting task.

By thoughtfully combining furniture, decorative elements, and personal touches, you can transform this space into a stunning feature of your living room.

A wide range of options await, from accent chairs and ottomans to wall art and plants. Embrace your personal style and get creative with the design process to craft a warm and inviting area that will be cherished for years to come.


What kind of furniture can I put behind a reclining sofa?

When it comes to styling the area behind a reclining sofa, you have plenty of options at your disposal. For instance, you could place an ottoman, side table, or console table to create a functional and visually appealing zone. To further enhance the space, consider adding a decorative rug that adds warmth and texture, or hang some thought-provoking wall art to draw attention away from the sofa’s reclining function.

Alternatively, a floor-to-ceiling bookcase can be a stunning focal point, while also providing ample storage for your favorite reads.

What should I avoid putting behind a reclining sofa?

When designing your home office or workspace, take care not to place any objects or furniture that might obstruct the movement of your footrest when it’s fully extended. It’s also important to consider the mobility of any large or heavy pieces of furniture in the room, as you never know when you may need to reconfigure the space.

Can I put a couch or loveseat behind a reclining sofa?

When considering the placement of a couch or loveseat behind a reclining sofa, it’s essential to strike a balance between creating a cozy atmosphere and maintaining a functional layout. To achieve this, start by measuring the area to ensure there’s sufficient space between the two pieces of furniture. Additionally, factor in any other nearby furniture that may impact the overall aesthetic and flow.

Does the size of the reclining sofa matter when placing furniture behind it?

When selecting a reclining sofa, it’s crucial to consider the surrounding space and potential furniture placements. The size of the recliner itself will dictate what types and sizes of pieces can be placed behind it. To ensure a harmonious layout, measure the area thoroughly before making any purchases. Moreover, think about the clearance needed for effortless movement around the reclining sofa and other room furnishings.

Can reclining sofas go against a wall?

When it comes to placing a reclining sofa against a wall, there are a few key considerations to keep in mind. Firstly, ensure you have enough clearance between the wall and the fully reclined position of the footrest. Measure the area carefully to guarantee that the space is sufficient for comfortable use. This simple step can help prevent any issues or complications with your new sofa’s functionality.

How far from the wall does a reclining sofa need to be?

When selecting a reclining sofa, it’s crucial to ensure you have sufficient clearance between the furniture and any adjacent walls or obstacles. As a general rule of thumb, aim for at least 12 inches of open space to accommodate the full extension of the footrest. Before making a purchase, take precise measurements of the area where the sofa will reside, guaranteeing there’s ample room for the recliner to function properly.

Furthermore, consider the overall spatial requirements, including enough clearance for people to comfortably move around the sofa and engage with one another.

Do you need space behind a recliner sofa?

When selecting a recliner sofa, it’s crucial to leave sufficient space behind the piece for the footrest to function properly in its fully reclined state. To ensure a smooth and comfortable experience, measure the area carefully before making a purchase and allocate at least 12 inches of clearance from surrounding walls or furniture pieces. Moreover, consider the flow of movement around the sofa, allowing ample room for individuals to move about without feeling constrained.

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