Are Clay Pots In Minecraft?

Minecraft is a popular sandbox video game where players explore, gather resources, craft tools and structures, and battle mobs in a blocky, procedurally generated 3D world. Everything in the Minecraft world is made up of blocks that represent materials like dirt, stone, ores, trees, and more.

One of the many items players can craft in Minecraft is the clay pot. Clay pots allow players to store and transport items, as well as create aesthetic decorations. Clay pots can also be used for farming, as they allow players to plant and harvest crops more efficiently.

What are Clay Pots in Minecraft?

Clay pots are items in Minecraft that allow for storage and planting. They provide players with a way to neatly organize and display items as well as grow various plants.

Clay pots act as a single inventory slot that can hold most items in the game. When placed, they take on the appearance of a small clay vase that displays the stored item inside. Unlike chests or other storage blocks, clay pots only offer one slot of space.

In addition to storage, clay pots enable players to plant saplings, seeds, mushrooms, cacti, bamboo, sugar cane, and more. When used for planting, clay pots provide some advantages such as keeping the plants from spreading uncontrollably. Plants in clay pots also do not require hydrated farmland underneath.

Where to Find Clay in Minecraft

Clay is an abundant natural resource in Minecraft that can be easily located and gathered. Here are the main biomes and areas to look when hunting for clay:


Rivers are one of the best places to find clay. It often generates on the beds and sides of rivers in clumps. Checking along riverbanks will turn up clay deposits.


Beaches that generate near rivers or oceans will sometimes have clay embedded in the sand. Look for lighter colored patches along beach shores.


Swamps have clay generously scattered throughout. It can be found both above ground and underneath the water in swamps.

With a plentiful supply available, clay should be easy to acquire even early in survival worlds. Just explore any of these areas to start gathering clay balls for crafting useful items like clay pots.

How to Craft Clay Pots

Crafting clay pots in Minecraft simply requires clay balls and fuel for the furnace. Here are the steps:

  1. Mine clay blocks underground near water sources like rivers and lakes using a pickaxe. Dig down to below y-level 64 to find large clay deposits.
  2. Place the clay blocks in a furnace, blast furnace, or smoker. Fuel the furnace with coal, wood, or other flammable materials.
  3. Each clay block smelts into 4 clay balls. Remove the clay balls when the smelting is complete.
  4. Open a crafting table and place the clay balls into the crafting grid. Arrange 2 clay balls side-by-side in the bottom middle row and 1 clay ball centered in the middle row to craft a clay pot.
  5. Repeat to craft multiple clay pots. Each clay pot requires 3 clay balls.

And that’s it! Smelting clay and arranging balls in a crafting table makes clay pots. Now you’re ready to use them for storage, décor, and more in Minecraft.

Storing Items in Clay Pots

One of the most useful aspects of clay pots in Minecraft is that they can store a single item. This allows players to use them as a makeshift chest with only one slot. When you right-click on a clay pot, it will open up an interface that shows the contents of the pot.

If the pot is empty, you can store any valid item inside by dragging it into the interface. Once an item is placed in the pot, the slot will show that item. Right-clicking again will open up the interface, allowing you to remove the stored item.

This makes clay pots act like single-slot portable storage. You can safely tuck away items for later retrieval. It’s also handy for keeping certain items in specific locations rather than carrying everything in your inventory.

For example, you could have pots with seeds, saplings or materials for crafting stored around a farm or home. The pots keep them organized while also being accessible as needed. Overall, the storage functionality of clay pots adds another dimension of inventory management to Minecraft.

Planting Seeds in Clay Pots

One of the most useful aspects of clay pots in Minecraft is the ability to plant seeds and saplings in them. Instead of having to find and till grass blocks to plant on, you can simply place seeds, saplings, mushrooms, cacti, sugar cane, bamboo, and more directly into a clay pot.

This makes clay pots an excellent way to organize and grow your various plants. You can keep them neatly arranged in buildings, greenhouses, or farms. And since clay pots are movable, you can easily relocate plants as needed.

When planting in a clay pot, saplings and plantable items do not need water nearby to grow. The clay pot acts as a water source for hydrating your plants. So you don’t have to worry about irrigation.

Overall, clay pots take a lot of frustration and limitations out of planting in Minecraft. They are a simple yet extremely useful tool for any gardener or farmer.

Decorating with Clay Pots

One of the most fun ways to use clay pots is for decoration. Their simple and rustic look makes clay pots ideal for adding visual interest to all kinds of Minecraft builds. Here are some ideas for decorating with clay pots:

Place clay pots along the exterior or interior walls of houses and other structures. This can add texture and a pop of color, especially if you mix in different types of clay pots like flower pots, cauldrons, and crates. For extra visual appeal, you can put plants like saplings or flowers in some of the pots.

Use clay pots of varying sizes stacked up or lined up on the ground as part of landscaping around a build. Try mixing in flower pots with regular clay pots for variety. For farms or garden areas, place clay pots containing different types of crops.

Make window box planters out of clay pots and sticks or fences to decorate cottage-style houses. Plant flowers inside the window boxes to add even more color.

Hang clay pots from ceilings or overhangs using chains or fences. You can put plants in these hanging pots or leave them empty as an architectural detail.

Overall, experimenting with the many shapes, sizes, and colors of clay pots can add a lot of visual flair to all kinds of interiors and exteriors in your Minecraft world. They’re an easy, rustic decorating option.

Automating Clay Pots

Clay pots can be automated in Minecraft using hoppers and dispensers. This allows you to automate farming, storage, and other tasks using clay pots.

Hoppers can be placed beneath clay pots to collect items. For example, you can have hoppers beneath clay pots containing saplings to automatically collect wood. The saplings grow into trees, then the wood falls into the pots and gets collected by hoppers.

Dispensers can be used to plant seeds in clay pots automatically. Load the dispenser with seeds, place it facing the clay pot, and provide a redstone signal to make it plant seeds. This allows automatic replanting of crops.

You can also load dispensers with bone meal to automatically fertilize plants in clay pots. Simply connect the dispenser to a redstone clock circuit.

Combining hoppers and dispensers allows fully automated farms using clay pots. The dispensers handle planting and bone meal, while hoppers collect the crops. You can even sort and store the items using hopper minecarts.

So with just a bit of redstone and some hoppers and dispensers, you can take advantage of clay pots for automated farming and collection in Minecraft.

Clay Pot Limitations

While useful in many ways, clay pots also have some limitations that players should be aware of:

Small Storage – Clay pots have a very small storage capacity of just one stack of items. This pales in comparison to other storage options like chests, which can store multiple stacks. So clay pots work best for temporarily storing small amounts or individual items you want quick access to.

Breakable – Clay pots can easily break if you destroy the block they are placed on. And since they are not craftable tools, a broken clay pot will be destroyed and its contents dropped on the ground. So clay pots require a bit more care and planning in placement to avoid accidental breaks.


Clay pots are a unique and useful item in Minecraft. They provide players with a way to store items and decorate while also serving special purposes like growing plants and flowers. Clay is readily available in rivers and waterfronts in Minecraft worlds, allowing players to easily gather the material to craft clay pots and vases. While clay pots have limitations in stack size and storage compared to other containers, they offer aesthetic appeal for decoration and bring an element of realism to farm plots when used for crops. Their specialty functions for farming and storage give clay pots a distinct role in Minecraft gameplay.

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