50+ Easy Drawing Ideas And Doodles For Beginners

When the creative urge strikes, but inspiration eludes you, the blank page can be an intimidating and frustrating experience. The feeling of being stuck and unsure of what to create is all too familiar. In this video, I’ll share some trusted drawing prompts that have helped me overcome these moments of uncertainty and spark a sense of creativity when I’m feeling uninspired.

Patterns & Zentangles

To kickstart your creative process, I recommend starting with simple drawing exercises like creating patterns using basic shapes such as lines, circles, and squares. This helps loosen up your artistic muscles and sparks inspiration for unique designs. For instance, you can begin by drawing teardrop shapes and filling them with straightforward patterns. Feel free to make the patterns as intricate or as uncomplicated as you prefer. Don’t be limited to a single shape, though – try applying different patterns to circles, ovals, or squares as well. Just ensure that the chosen shape is large enough to accommodate the pattern’s repetition, as more complex designs often require greater space. This way, you can experiment with various shapes and patterns, leading to unique and captivating creations.

Simple Landscapes

When it comes to creating simple landscapes, there’s a great starting point with mountains. Not only are they easy to draw, but you can also easily add unique elements to make them your own. Simply put, if you can draw triangles, you can create these mountainous scenes too.

Looking at the first four drawings, it’s clear that I relied heavily on mountains as a base. But what makes these landscapes even more fun is adding new elements to mix things up. For example, in the second drawing, I combined the mountains with a sun, and for the third, I added a tree in front of the range.

In addition to mountains, many of these simple landscape drawings feature the sun, particularly stunning sunset and sunrise scenes. It’s no surprise then that I also drew a few of those too.

For the first two, I focused on drawing sunsets or sunrises above the ocean. The top half showcases the sun itself, while the bottom half features its reflection in the water. For the fourth and final one, I opted to depict the morning sunrise rising up from behind the mountains.

Finally, I wrapped things up by creating some ridiculously simple trees using nothing but straight lines.

Flowers & Plants

I began by creating floral arrangements on paper, using a few branches as the foundation. The process starts with sketching the branch itself, then adding leaves of varying shapes and sizes. For inspiration, I drew upon my imagination rather than relying on reference photos, which allowed me to create unique and playful designs. My doodles also feature potted plants and cacti, where I enjoyed experimenting with the flower pot’s design to match the plant’s character. If you appreciate these ideas, you might enjoy exploring my simple rose drawing tutorials as well.

Cute Animals

When faced with the task of drawing animals, many people can feel overwhelmed due to the challenge of creating a realistic representation. However, by focusing on simplicity and highlighting the most distinctive features, anyone can create a charming animal doodle. The key is to identify the essential characteristics that make an animal easily recognizable, such as the snail’s shell, jellyfish’s tentacles, or hedgehog’s spines. By concentrating on these defining elements, you’ll be able to produce a visually appealing and endearing animal drawing, even if your artistic skills are still developing.

Continuous Line Drawings

I’ve recently discovered the joy of one-line drawings and continuous line art, finding that they require a unique blend of simplicity and precision. The goal is to capture the essence of an object using just a single, concise line. While this may seem straightforward, I’ve found that it can be surprisingly challenging to achieve with a single stroke.


When in doubt about what to draw, consider capturing the simple pleasures in life – like your favorite foods! You can draw inspiration from your daily meals or snacks, putting pen to paper for a loaf of bread, a crispy baguette, a flaky croissant, a juicy pear, or a plump strawberry. The idea is to break down complex subjects into smaller, more manageable components. Instead of trying to render an entire plate of spaghetti, focus on the individual ingredients that make it up – like ripe tomatoes and caramelized onions – and let your creativity flow from there.

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