20+ Best Cricut Fonts (Free & Paid)

Have you ever delved into the vast font library of the Cricut Design Studio, only to be left feeling unfulfilled by the options presented? The quest for the perfect font is a crucial one, as it can significantly impact the overall aesthetic and effectiveness of your project. After all, the right font can elevate an ordinary design into something truly extraordinary. To help you navigate this challenge, we’ve curated a selection of the best free fonts for Cricut, tailored to specific situations to ensure that you’re always able to find the perfect match.

Learning Curve

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The Learning Curve font boasts a unique, elegant handwriting style reminiscent of childhood memories. Its modern interpretation of traditional cursive script employs refined, precise lines that evoke a sense of sophistication. Notably, this font is freely available for personal and commercial use alike.

Hello Honey

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The modern handwritten typeface, Hello Honey, seamlessly blends script and heart-shaped swashes with a cursive flair. Its unique design features include beginning and ending swirls, as well as ligatures that add an extra layer of sophistication. With its versatility, Hello Honey is ideal for crafting titles, signatures, logos, wedding invitations, letterhead, signage, labels, newsletters, posters, badges, and more. While the free version comes with some restrictions, it can be used in personal projects, non-profit initiatives, and charity endeavors.

Beautiful Bloom

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The Beautiful Bloom font boasts a sophisticated, handwritten charm, crafted with a brush stroke. This elegant cursive typeface exudes a carefree essence, making it perfect for creating warm and inviting designs that evoke feelings of romance and joy. Whether used on greeting cards, perfume packaging, fashion labels, or stationery, this versatile font adds a touch of whimsy to any medium, from print to digital.


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The Allura font boasts a charming, handwritten quality that makes it effortlessly readable and visually appealing, with subtle hints of calligraphy. Its script and formal sets provide a softer, more refined aesthetic.This versatile font is ideal for various applications, including wedding invitations, stationery, logos for websites, signatures, portfolios, print materials, headers, magazines, book covers, t-shirt designs, crafting projects, cosmetics packaging, and other materials that require a touch of elegance.

Black Jack

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The Black Jack font is a stunning example of modern calligraphy, offering an elegant script that can be used freely for both personal and commercial purposes. Its versatility makes it an ideal choice for various applications, including logos, handwritten quotes, product packaging, headings, posters, merchandise, greeting cards, social media banners, printed quotes, shirt designs, and more.

Work Sans

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The Work Sans font is a comprehensive sans-serif typeface, comprising nine weights with italics. While the thin to medium weights were specifically optimized for on-screen and medium-sized text applications, they still prove suitable for print purposes. In contrast, the bold to black weights are better suited for display use.

Yonky Black

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The Yonky Black font, a family of eight neo-grotesque fonts, comprises four weights: Light, Regular, Bold, and Black, each accompanied by its corresponding true italic counterpart. This distinctive typeface is deeply rooted in the Egyptian style that emerged at the dawn of the 19th century. Its versatility makes it an excellent choice for crafting eye-catching ad titles across various mediums, as well as for publications like magazines and newspapers, where a touch of elegance is desired.

Berkshire Swash

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The Berkshire Swash font presents a unique bold script aesthetic that exudes an extraordinary flair. When paired with both uppercase and lowercase letters, it creates a visually striking combination. For those seeking a bold and distinctive font to elevate their design, Berkshire Swash is the ideal choice. Its versatility makes it particularly well-suited for use in quotes, logos, website titles, T-shirts, branding materials, book covers, and even social media platforms like Instagram stories and YouTube thumbnails.


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The Belista font is an endearing, contemporary, and whimsical handwritten typeface that infuses any design project with a sense of playfulness and affection. Its flowing curves and dancing baseline make it a standout among modern calligraphy fonts.

This charming font is versatile enough to elevate your digital and printed creative endeavors, such as logos, branding, lettering signs, stamps, business cards, advertisements, flyers, posters, and countless other applications where a unique touch is desired.


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The Challista Script font boasts a distinctive handmade calligraphy style that exudes elegance on special occasions like weddings, parties, and celebrations. Its unique features include decorative lettering and a dynamic baseline that adds visual interest to any design. This versatile font is designed to mimic the authentic look of handcrafted typography, making it perfect for a wide range of applications, from formal invitations and branding materials to casual gatherings and seasonal events.


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The Windsong font boasts a captivating essence, transporting users to an era reminiscent of historical writing. Its natural flair is characterized by fluid movements that give the impression of dance-like elegance, imbuing any text with sophistication and whimsy. With its ability to evoke feelings of luxury, refinement, and melodiousness, Windsong is an ideal choice for headings, signatures, artwork typography, titles, short hand-lettered texts, prints, crafts, quotes, logotypes, wedding invitations, romantic cards, labels, and packaging.


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The JMH Typewriter font offers a charming, old-fashioned typing experience. Its subtle imperfections evoke the tactile sensation of writing with real ink, rather than relying on digital fonts. This unique characteristic makes it an ideal choice for creating vintage-inspired letters or newspaper articles that exude a sense of nostalgia.

Josefin Slab

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The Josefin Slab font’s modern and professional aesthetic is a result of its inspiration from typewriter-style features, reminiscent of the Letter Gothic typeface. This distinctive design makes it an excellent choice for creating a wide range of visual materials, including logos, magazines, fashion designs, quotes, posters, brand identities, business cards, stationery designs, blog titles, and art quotes.


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The Belleza font boasts a refined, approachable aesthetic, characterized by its gentle modulation and harmonious balance between thick and thin lines. This clean humanistic sans-serif is particularly well-suited for medium-sized text applications.

This versatile font excels in various contexts, including magazine headers, newspaper headlines, book covers, and even extensive reading materials like newspapers, magazines, technical guides, college catalogs, and cookbooks.


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The Shrimp font exudes elegance through its modern lettering and utilitarian design. This condensed typeface boasts low joints and crossbars in select letter forms, allowing it to thrive in tightly set arrangements. Its sturdy form lends itself well to a variety of applications, including posters, social media, headlines, titles, large format prints, quotes, short texts, editorial layouts, and signage.

Archivo Black

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The Archivo Black font is a versatile, single-weight typeface designed to excel in both print and digital environments. Its versatility makes it an ideal choice for display purposes such as bold headlines, large-format prints, brand identities, social media promotions, advertising campaigns, editorial design, posters, magazine covers, logos, and titles.

Alloy Ink

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The Alloy Ink font’s charm lies in its whimsical and playful nature, imbuing any design with a carefree spirit. By incorporating this delightful display font into your projects, you’ll discover how it effortlessly elevates their visual impact.

As versatile as it is endearing, the Alloy Ink font excels at capturing attention for various applications such as logos, branding, titles, social media posts, advertisements, packaging, product designs, labels, photography, watermarks, special events, magazines, and web design.

Abstract Groovy

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With its whimsical charm, the Abstract Groovy font effortlessly evokes a sense of nostalgia and delivers a refreshingly vintage aesthetic. Whether you’re crafting retro-inspired designs or creating visual identity for your brand, this font is an ideal choice for projects that require a dash of playfulness and a nod to the past. Its versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, including branding, logos, social media graphics, stickers, and more.

Keep On Truckin

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The Keep on Truckin font boasts a distinctive aesthetic, characterized by its use of bold, playful letterforms that evoke the spirit of comic books from the 1970s. Its unique combination of large textures, irregular serifs, and a dash of funkiness make it an ideal choice for adding a retro flair to your social media posts, be they on Instagram or Facebook. This font is also well-suited for use in designing apparel, accessories, and other merchandise that requires a nod to the past. Its versatility extends to applications such as stickers, posters, and even retro-style stamps.


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The Constantinople font’s unique charm stems from its slender, monoline script design, reminiscent of a beautiful handwritten style. Its characteristic smooth lines and classic elegance make it an ideal choice for projects seeking a fresh, handwritten aesthetic.

Whether you’re designing logos, signatures, wedding materials, or social media content, this font brings a fun and friendly vibe to your work. Its versatility also makes it suitable for branding projects, product packaging, T-shirt designs, posters, photography, watermarking, invitations, and stationery.

Amelya Putry

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The Amelya Putry font boasts a timeless charm, characterized by decorative characters and an unconventional baseline. Its unique features make it ideal for imparting a personal touch to various projects, including signatures, logo designs, branding initiatives, wedding stationery, invitations, watermarks, posters, fashion blogs, and any other application that demands the aesthetic of handwritten script.


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The Paris font boasts a sophisticated monoline signature script, characterized by an elegant handwritten style that seamlessly blends modern and classic aesthetics. Its sleek lines flow effortlessly, imbuing your designs with refinement and poise.
This versatile font is well-suited for a wide range of projects, including logos, photography captions, watermarking, social media posts, advertisements, branding materials, invitations, product packaging, stickers, stationery, wedding design elements, special event materials, or any application where a touch of handwriting elegance is desired.

How to get free fonts for Cricut?

When it comes to using a font in Cricut Design Studio that isn’t already available, you can usually find one online by downloading it from a reputable source. The software is compatible with fonts that have .ttf or .otf file types, so make sure to check the file type before clicking the download button. There are many websites where you can find new fonts, and I tend to stick to well-known and popular platforms like Font Space, DaFontFree, FontSwan, FreeFontsVault, and CreativeMarket. While it’s possible to stumble upon hidden gems on smaller or lesser-known font websites, it’s generally safer to steer clear of these sites and avoid the potential risk of downloading a font file that contains a virus or malware.

Check the license of the fonts

When acquiring a font from the internet, it’s crucial to examine the licensing terms alongside the download. Just because a font is classified as ‘free’ doesn’t imply unrestricted usage. In reality, most free fonts are limited to personal use only, permitting you to employ them in DIY projects such as customized mugs, blankets, pantry labels, and similar applications for non-commercial purposes. However, selling products that incorporate this font is strictly prohibited without a commercial license. The cost of a commercial font license can vary significantly, ranging from a few dollars to several hundred dollars, depending on the specific font and intended commercial usage.

How to add free fonts to Cricut Design Space?

To utilize a new font in Cricut Design Space, you’re not limited to the standard fonts that come with the program or those installed on your computer. Once you’ve downloaded and installed the font on your device, follow these steps to access it within Cricut Design Space:First, locate the folder where you saved the font file. If it’s a zipped archive, extract its contents.Next, install the font by double-clicking on it and following the installation wizard’s prompts.To find your newly installed font in Cricut Design Space, launch the program and start a new project. Select the text tool to begin typing your desired text.Once you’ve entered your text, select the text itself and click on the font dropdown menu. Your recently installed font should be listed among the other available fonts. If it’s not immediately visible, try using the search bar within the font dropdown menu to locate it.

How to upload free fonts to Cricut Design Studio?

The Cricut Design Studio has its limitations when it comes to font usage. By default, it only supports standard fonts that come with the program and those installed on your computer. This means that any new fonts you’ve downloaded and installed won’t be accessible if you switch computers without manually reinstalling them.

One significant difference between Cricut’s Design Studio and other programs is the lack of font upload capability, unlike images which can be easily uploaded to the designs space. The absence of this feature makes it impractical to share fonts across different devices.

As of now, there is no straightforward way to make your fonts universally accessible. However, we hold out hope that Cricut might consider adding this feature in the future, allowing users to upload and access their font collections seamlessly.

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