How Do You Store Oddly Shaped Ornaments?

Storing oddly shaped ornaments presents unique challenges compared to standard round or flat-shaped ornaments. Their irregular shapes make it difficult to pack them efficiently and prevent breakage. However, taking the time to properly store these delicate keepsakes is important. With some planning and effort, you can keep your cherished ornaments safe from year to year.

Unlike round or flat ornaments that can be neatly stacked, oddly shaped ornaments have protruding parts that make them awkward to arrange. Their sculptural shapes also mean they are more fragile. Improper storage puts them at risk of chipping, cracking, or shattering. However, treasured ornaments handed down through generations or marking special memories deserve special care. Using appropriate storage methods can help preserve them.

Taking steps to properly store your ornaments will save you from heartbreak later. You’ll avoid discovering a box of shattered ornaments when you go to decorate next holiday season. Proper storage also prevents damage from moisture, sunlight, temperature fluctuations, and pests. With some forethought and effort, you can safely tuck away your ornaments until next year.

Assess Your Current Storage

Before investing in new ornament storage solutions, take some time to evaluate how you currently store your ornaments and identify any issues. Look closely at the boxes, containers, or wrapping methods you use. Consider factors like:

  • Are your storage containers sturdy enough to prevent breakage? Fragile glass ornaments in particular need very secure boxes.
  • Do you have appropriate separators, dividers or padding to keep individual ornaments from knocking against each other? This prevents chips and cracks.
  • Is your storage tightly sealed to keep out dust, moisture and pests? Any gaps can allow dirt or bugs inside.
  • Are your containers clearly labeled? It’s easy to forget what’s inside an unlabeled box.
  • Can you easily access specific ornaments? Containers that are hard to open or lack organization make locating ornaments difficult.
  • Is there wasted empty space inside? Too much extra room allows contents to shift and break.

Carefully inspecting your current solutions helps identify shortcomings like lack of padding, insufficient sealing, wasted space, and more. This allows you to make informed choices when selecting improved storage options. As the Top 5 Best Ornament Storage 2024 guide recommends, take time to evaluate before buying new containers.

Choose Appropriate Storage Containers

When choosing storage containers for your holiday ornaments, opt for hard plastic over cardboard boxes. Plastic keeps fragile ornaments more protected and is less likely to dent, bend, or warp than cardboard. Hard-sided ornaments cases also prevent delicate ornaments from rubbing against each other and lower the chance of breakage.

Clear plastic storage bins are ideal for holiday ornaments. You can easily see contents through transparent plastic, making it simple to identify certain ornaments and find what you need without unpacking everything. Clear containers with secure lids also let you view ornaments without exposing them to dust. For cluttered spaces, visibility can help you stay organized.

clear plastic storage bins with lids, appropriate for storing delicate ornaments.

Use Inserts and Dividers

When storing ornament collections in boxes or containers, using custom inserts or dividers can help keep everything organized and prevent damage. Inserts are forms fitted to the interior dimensions of a box that have cutouts or compartments to secure each ornament individually. Dividers are walls or panels that separate the box into different sections. Both can be extremely useful for oddly shaped ornaments.

Custom inserts with pre-cut holes or compartments will hold each ornament securely in place and prevent them from jostling around and bumping into each other. This helps prevent chips, cracks, or scratches. The inserts can be made of foam, felt, cardboard or other materials. For extra protection, line the compartments with soft fabric or batting.

Dividers allow you to categorize and separate different ornament types, such as glass balls, handmade ornaments, and specialty shapes. Dividers can be made from sturdy cardboard, wood, or acrylic. This keeps everything organized so you can easily find specific ornaments each year. It also prevents more delicate ornaments from being crushed under heavier ones during storage and transport.

Wrap Carefully

When storing fragile, delicate, or oddly shaped ornaments, it’s important to take extra care in wrapping them to prevent damage. According to sources, using soft tissue paper or bubble wrap can help protect any fragile areas and prevent breakage.

Make sure to wrap each ornament individually and avoid wrapping hooks, wires, or hanging strings directly around the ornament itself. This can cause dents, chips, or extra strain on certain parts of the ornament over time. Instead, gently wrap the ornament with tissue paper or bubble wrap and secure any loose wires separately using twist ties or wrapping them around the outside of the protected ornament.

For especially fragile ornaments like antique glass or handmade decorations, lay them carefully inside a small box padded with tissue paper or foam. Avoid stacking or placing heavy items on top to prevent cracking or crushing. With proper wrapping using soft, non-abrasive materials, you can safely store even delicate ornaments without damage.

Store Ornaments Individually

One of the best ways to protect oddly shaped ornaments is to store each one separately. This prevents them from bumping into each other and getting damaged while in storage. Packing ornaments tightly together can lead to chips, cracks, or even breaks.

Storing ornaments individually also makes it easier to identify and access each one. Rather than digging through a crowded box, you’ll be able to quickly find the exact ornament you’re looking for. This can save time when unpacking and packing up your holiday decor each year.

Some good storage options for individual ornaments include clear plastic divided boxes, sectioned ornament bags with pockets, and wrapping each ornament in tissue paper inside a sturdy storage container. This protects your special keepsakes while helping you stay organized.

According to Ultimate Christmas, their acid-free storage boxes are “created specifically to protect your delicate hand-blown glass and heritage ornaments.” This highlights the importance of individual storage for fragile and meaningful ornaments.

Consider Climate Conditions

Climate control is one of the most important factors for storing Christmas ornaments properly. According to Hallmark, ornaments should be kept somewhere with temperatures between 40-90°F if possible ( Avoid storing ornaments in attics, garages, or other areas prone to extreme heat or cold.

The ideal ornament storage location will have a stable, moderate temperature and low humidity. Rapid temperature and humidity fluctuations can damage many ornament materials over time. Delicate glass or porcelain ornaments may crack or shatter if exposed to swings from very cold to very hot repeatedly. Plastic and resin ornaments can become malformed or brittle. Fabrics and ribbons can fray or discolor.

Southern Living recommends finding the coolest, darkest storage spot in your home for ornaments if climate control is not available ( This could be a closet, basement, or interior room. Attics and garages tend to get too hot in summer and too cold in winter for safe ornament storage.

Keep High Up and Secure

As we all know, curious pets or eager children may create chaos if they have easy access to fragile ornaments. To avoid unfortunate mishaps:

Store ornament boxes up high on shelves or in closets, out of reach from prying paws or hands. Opt for open shelving that allows you to easily see and access containers, but position the lowest shelf high enough that the boxes remain secure (Your Space).

Make sure all shelves or storage boxes holding ornaments are stable and secure, so they don’t risk toppling over. Anchor tall bookcases or shelving units to the wall. Use non-slip padding beneath boxes. Consider lidded plastic bins less prone to falling off a shelf than open cardboard boxes (Montgomery Self Storage).

With some smart positioning up high and stable storage methods, you can keep those precious ornaments safe from harm all season long.

Use Desiccant Packs

Desiccant packs like silica gel packets are a great tool to help keep your stored ornaments dry and free of moisture damage. Desiccants work by absorbing ambient moisture in the air and storage container. Research shows that desiccant packs can absorb up to 40% of their weight in moisture. Placing a few desiccant packets in your ornament storage bins or boxes will help regulate humidity and moisture levels.

This is important because excess moisture can lead to mold, mildew, and other damage over time. The desiccants will suck up any excess moisture during storage. This helps prevent ornament deterioration and keeps them looking pristine season after season. According to experts, the ideal relative humidity for storing delicate items like ornaments should be around 30-50%. Desiccant packs help maintain these ideal conditions.

Inspect Annually

After the holiday season is over, it’s important to inspect all your ornaments before packing them away for next year. This allows you time to identify any items that may need repair or replacement [1]. Carefully look over each ornament, checking for cracks, chips, loose parts, sun fading, or other damage. Gently clean the ornaments before wrapping. This quick inspection ensures your decorations will be in good condition when you unpack them the following holiday season.

Making inspection an annual tradition also allows you to thin your ornament collection over time. You can decide which damaged items to try fixing with craft glue or paint, and which need to be retired. An annual inspection gives you a fresh perspective on your ornaments.

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