What Are Clay Pots For Terraria?

Clay pots are placeable furniture items that can be used to craft various potions in Terraria. They provide an alternative method to crafting potions at an Alchemy Station. Clay pots allow players to craft potions anywhere by combining the clay pot, ingredients, and a bottle of water.

There are several different types of clay pots available in Terraria, each with their own unique recipes. The basic clay pot can craft simple potions like Healing Potions and Mana Potions. More advanced pots like the Ebonwood Clay Pot can craft potions that provide buffs and other effects. Using the right clay pot is key to being able to craft the potion you need.

Clay pots are useful for when you need to craft potions on the go. Their mobility and ability to make potions anywhere makes them a valuable item in Terraria. In this guide, we’ll cover how to craft and use the different types of clay pots effectively.

Crafting Clay Pots

Clay Pots in Terraria are crafted at a Furnace using Clay that can be gathered from various biomes. The four main types of Clay Pots require different materials to craft them beyond basic Clay.

Basic Clay Pot:
– 10 Clay
– 1 Furnace

To craft a Basic Clay Pot:

  1. Gather 10 Clay by digging through Dirt in Forest, Jungle, Underground, or Glowing Mushroom biomes.
  2. Open your Crafting Menu and select the Furnace.
  3. With 10 Clay in your inventory, click the Basic Clay Pot recipe to craft it.

Basic Clay Pot

The Basic Clay Pot is the standard clay pot in Terraria. It is one of the earliest storage options available to players, requiring only dirt found on the surface and Clay Pots crafted at a Furnace to create. Despite its humble beginnings, the Basic Clay Pot remains useful even into the late game due to its ability to hold bait.

The Basic Clay Pot provides 10 inventory slots of storage space. Each slot can hold up to 999 of a single bait item such as grasshoppers, worms, butterflies, snails, and fallen stars. Stacking bait items into a Basic Clay Pot frees up precious inventory space while hunting and fishing. The Basic Clay Pot can also hold stationary critters captured with the Bug Net. When placed, critters will idle in and around the pot.

While surpassed in storage capacity by higher tier pots, chests, and other storage furniture, the Basic Clay Pot’s ability to hold bait makes it a staple storage item. Having several pots full of varied bait in a fishing outpost or near fishing holes saves time switching between different baits. Basic Clay Pots also make good bait reserves to stock up your portable Safe before embarking on major fishing quests. Their small size allows compact storage arrangements.

Clay Pot

The Clay Pot is a basic storage container in Terraria that provides 8 inventory slots. It is made from 10 Clay Blocks at a Furnace. Clay Pots are the most basic storage items, providing a small amount of extra inventory space.

Clay Pots have 8 slots arranged in a 2×4 grid layout. They can store anything except liquids, coins, ammunition, and mana. Each slot holds up to 99 stacks of an item. Clay Pots do not need to be placed and can be carried in a player’s inventory.

Compared to other storage options, Clay Pots provide minimal inventory expansion at a low crafting cost. They serve as an early-game storage solution before players acquire better options. Their small footprint makes them convenient for accessing and depositing items frequently.

Clay Pots are recommended for storing seeds, acorns, and other farming materials. Their limited capacity also encourages players to regularly clear out unneeded items. Overall, Clay Pots provide a useful starter storage unit, though most players will outgrow them as they progress in Terraria.

Ebonwood Clay Pot

The Ebonwood Clay Pot is a storage item that is crafted at a Furnace using 50 Ebonstone Blocks and 1 Clay Pot. It has a storage capacity of 20 stacks.

The Ebonwood Clay Pot functions similarly to a regular Chest, with a few key differences. It can only store items, not coins or ammo. It also connects with all other Clay Pots in the world to share a common inventory, allowing easy transfer of items between multiple pots.

Some key stats for the Ebonwood Clay Pot:

  • Storage capacity of 20 stacks
  • Crafted from 50 Ebonstone Blocks and 1 Clay Pot
  • Shares inventory with all other Clay Pots in the world
  • Does not store coins or ammo, only items

With its large capacity and shared inventory, the Ebonwood Clay Pot is useful for efficiently managing and transferring items in Terraria.

Rich Mahogany Clay Pot

The Rich Mahogany Clay Pot is an upgraded version of the basic Clay Pot. It is crafted from 15 Rich Mahogany at a Sawmill and requires 8 Clay Blocks and 1 Pot to craft at a Furnace.

This pot has increased functionality over the basic Clay Pot. It can hold bait, critters, enemies, town NPCs, items, coins, and liquids. The main benefit of the Rich Mahogany Clay Pot is it has triple the capacity of the basic Clay Pot, allowing it to hold up to 10,000 coins, bait, liquids, or stacks of items.

Some key stats for the Rich Mahogany Clay Pot:

  • 300 health
  • Requires a Wooden Pickaxe or better to mine
  • Immune to lava damage
  • Can be placed or held and has auto-pickup when held
  • Emits a small amount of light

The increased capacity makes the Rich Mahogany Clay Pot ideal for storing large quantities of valuable crafting materials, potion ingredients, bait, and other items you want to keep safe and organized in one place.

Pearlwood Clay Pot

The Pearlwood Clay Pot is a craftable item in Terraria that can be made at any Work Bench. It requires 10 Pearlwood and 1 Clay Pot to craft, and has increased health and capacity over the standard Clay Pot.

The Pearlwood Clay Pot has 50 health, compared to the standard Clay Pot’s 20 health. This makes it much more durable and able to withstand damage. It also has an increased capacity, able to hold up to 20 bait compared to the standard 10 bait.

The increased health and capacity makes the Pearlwood Clay Pot excellent for fishing. You can store more bait in it and it won’t break as easily, letting you fish for longer without having to replace your pot. The extra capacity also helps when fishing in areas with multiple bait types, allowing you to carry more variety.

Overall, the Pearlwood Clay Pot is a direct upgrade over the basic Clay Pot. Its improved stats make it very useful for fishing, especially in dangerous areas or when you want to fish for long periods uninterrupted. If you plan to do a lot of fishing in Terraria, crafting a Pearlwood Clay Pot or two is highly recommended.

Clay Pot Strategies

Here are some tips for getting the most out of clay pots in Terraria:

Use them for NPC housing

Clay pots make great, space-efficient housing for NPCs. Just make sure to place them with enough space around them for the NPC to stand inside. They go well with more natural-themed housing.

Craft and place multiple pots

Having numerous clay pots allows you to spread helpful buffs and bonuses across your world. Place groups of pots near areas you frequent like your base, boss arenas, farming areas, etc.

Experiment with different dye colors

Craft clay pots with different dye colors to distinguish their effects. For example, use red pots for lava immunity, blue for water walking, etc.

Use them for boss fights

The Well Fed buff can be extremely useful during boss fights. Placing clay pots near arenas provides a quick buff before battles.

Create potion gardens

For constant access to helpful potion ingredients, create a garden with daybloom, moonglow, waterleaf, etc. planted in clay pots.

Place near Teleporters

Putting clay pots near Teleporters allows you to buff up before fast traveling around your world.

Clay Pot Recipes

Clay pots in Terraria allow players to craft and cook a variety of useful items. Here are some of the top items that can be crafted using clay pots:

Greater Healing Potions – These strong healing potions can be crafted by combining a bottle and a crystal shard at a clay pot. They restore 150 health when used.

Greater Mana Potions – For restoring mana, greater mana potions made at a clay pot are very useful. You’ll need a bottle and a fallen star to make them.

Worm Food – Worm food can be crafted by combining rotten chunks and vile powder. It’s great for summoning the Eater of Worlds boss.

Glowing Mushroom Dye – Any glowing mushroom along with a bottle at a clay pot produces glowing mushroom dye, which is used for crafting potions and paint.

Goldfish – Clay pots allow you to craft goldfish pets by combining a gold coin and bottled water. Make a fishbowl to house them!

Shadow Dye – By combining a demonite ore with a bottle, shadow dye can be crafted for a gothic look.

Clay pots are very useful crafting stations in Terraria. Try out some of these handy item recipes using clay pots and enjoy their powerful effects!


Clay pots have many useful applications in the world of Terraria. They allow players to craft potions that can restore health and mana, provide buffs, and more. The basic clay pot is essential for alchemy, while the various upgraded pots made from different woods provide bonuses to potion effects or reduced crafting costs.

Strategic use of different clay pot types is important in Terraria. Placing potions in clay pots allows players to smash the pots later and instantly use the potions. This can be very helpful in difficult boss battles or events. Players will want to craft the potion type that best fits their needs and make use of the right pot for each situation.

With their wide range of uses, clay pots are an invaluable item for Terraria players of all levels. Taking the time to craft the pots and potions you need can make a huge difference in gameplay and progression.

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