What Can I Make Out Of Paper Clips?

With nothing more than some paper clips and a bit of creativity, you can transform these simple office supplies into amazing DIY crafts. From jewelry to games and even furniture, paper clips can be bent, twisted, and woven into artistic creations that are as fun to make as they are to show off. This guide will provide step-by-step instructions for crafting an array of unique paper clip projects guaranteed to impress your friends and spark your imagination.

So grab a box of standard metal paper clips and let’s get crafting! You’ll be amazed by just how much you can make out of these tiny bits of wire. Paper clips make an inexpensive and accessible craft material that opens up a world of possibilities for creative expression and home decor on a budget.

Basic Paper Clip Crafts

Some of the easiest paper clip crafts involve bending the clips into simple shapes like flowers, people, animals, letters, and numbers. These make great quick crafts for kids. To make a paper clip flower, bend the clip into a spiral shape with 5-6 loops, leaving the last loop sticking out to form the flower’s stem. For a paper clip person, bend the top into a loop to make the head, use the middle for the body, and bend the bottom into a V shape for legs. Animals like butterflies, rabbits, and dogs can be made similarly by shaping the paperclip into the basic form of the animal. The flexible nature of paper clips allows them to be bent and twisted freely into all kinds of recognizable shapes.

Here are some sources for basic paper clip craft ideas:

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Paper clips can be transformed into beautiful pieces of jewelry with just a little creativity. Here are some ideas for making paper clip jewelry:


Paper clip earrings are one of the easiest paper clip crafts to make. Simply bend an open paper clip into a loop for the top of the earring. You can leave the loops plain or decorate them by wrapping the ends with colored tape or thread. For dangling earrings, attach additional loops or beads below the top loop using jump rings or wire.


Make a chic paper clip necklace by linking together multiple paper clip loops. For a uniform look, bend all the clips into the same shape before assembling. Or get creative and combine loops of different sizes and shapes for an eclectic style. String beads onto the necklace between the loops for some added sparkle.


Paper clip bracelets can be made in a similar manner as necklaces. Bend paper clips into curved shapes with small loops on each end. Use jump rings to connect the loops into a continuous chain that will wrap around your wrist. Decorate with charms or rhinestones for some extra flair.

Household Items

Paper clips can be transformed into useful household items like bookmarks, magnets, and hangers[1]. Here are some ideas:


Straighten out a large paper clip and use pliers to bend one end into a loop. You can slide this homemade bookmark onto any page. Get creative by twisting the paper clip into different shapes first.


Unbend a paper clip and glue a small magnet onto the end. Let dry completely. You now have a mini magnet to hold notes or photos on the fridge.


Bend an oversized paper clip into an S-shape to create a hanger for bags, hats, and other items. Hang your homemade hanger on a peg board or nail.

With just a little bending and shaping, plain paper clips can be transformed into handy household helpers. They’re inexpensive, easy to make, and reusable.

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Paper clips can make for fun and creative decorations around the home or office. With some simple bending and twisting, paper clips can become beautiful garlands, ornaments, and wall art.

To make a paper clip garland, start by straightening out all the paper clips. Create loops by bending the paper clips into circular or teardrop shapes. Vary the sizes for visual interest. Use a piece of string or thin ribbon to thread the paper clip loops onto. Hang across a wall, doorway, or mantle for a delicate, metallic garland.

For ornaments, bend paper clips into different shapes like stars, hearts, snowflakes, or even letters. These can be hung on a small tree or string of lights as festive decor. Get creative with combining shapes and sizes. Painting the paper clips with metallic spray paint or glitter glue will add sparkle.

Simple paper clip wall art can be made by twisting and bending clips onto a sturdy backing like cardboard or wood. Create abstract designs, words, or shapes. Groupings of similarly shaped clips, like spirals or zigzags, make for an eye-catching accent wall.

Games and Toys

Paper clips can be transformed into fun games and educational toys for kids. One popular paper clip toy is a maze game. To make a simple paper clip maze, start by bending a large paper clip into a zigzag shape. Then grab a smaller paper clip and bend it to make a “ball.” Let kids tilt and maneuver the maze to guide the paper clip ball through the channels. This helps develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Paper clips can also be bent and linked together to create imaginative manipulatives. For example, bend paper clips into the letters of the alphabet, numbers, or shapes. Connect them to form words, math equations, pictures, and more. This allows kids to learn and practice skills in a hands-on, engaging way. Let them build their name, spell words, or make patterns with the paper clip pieces.

For more paper clip toy ideas, check out this guide on How to Make an Easy Paperclip Toy: https://www.instructables.com/Simple-Paperclip-Toy/


One of the most popular ways to use paper clips creatively is to make sculptures. With some patience and skill, you can twist and weave paper clips into intricate three-dimensional artworks. According to Pinterest, elaborate wire sculptures made from linked together paper clips can depict animals, objects, and abstract shapes.

The benefit of using paper clips for sculptures is that they are highly malleable and easy to connect. Their wire construction allows paper clips to be bent, twisted, wrapped, and linked to form sturdy junctions and frameworks. Skilled paper clip artists can create large, freestanding sculptures from hundreds or even thousands of interlinked paper clips.

Some tips for making paper clip sculptures are to start with a simple framework of clipped together shapes as the base structure. Then progressively add more paper clips to build up detailing and texture on the surface. The repetitive linking actions are meditative. With practice, you can learn to make professional-looking animal and human figures, trees, abstract shapes, and other creative sculptures from paper clips.


One fun way to use paper clips is to make miniature furniture. With some creativity, you can design small chairs, tables, beds, and more using paper clips as the framework. This is a great craft for kids or anyone who wants to build tiny models.

paper clips can be crafted into miniature furniture pieces

To make a miniature chair, bend a large paper clip into a square shape for the seat. Then use four smaller paper clips to make the legs of the chair. Attach the legs to the corners of the seat by twisting the ends together. For a miniature table, make a larger square with paper clips for the tabletop and attach four bent paper clips as legs, similar to the chair.

For more detailed furniture, try weaving and twisting together multiple paper clips to make chair backs, table legs, and other features. Use pliers to help bend the paper clips into shape. Refer to craft videos like this one for step-by-step instructions on making paper clip furniture.

The possibilities are endless when crafting tiny paper clip furniture. Let your imagination run wild, and have fun designing miniature chairs, tables, sofas, beds, and anything else you can dream up.

Clothing and Accessories

Paper clips can be transformed into fashionable accessories to spice up your wardrobe. One popular use is making ties and bow ties. Take several large paper clips and link them together into a chain, then attach a neck strap. For a bow tie, twist the paper clip chain into a bow shape and affix to a neckband. Smaller paper clips can become decorative buttons and button covers. Carefully pry the paper clip open into a long S shape, then wrap it around the existing button holes to form a funky metallic accent. Paper clip jewelry like earrings, rings, and bracelets are also easy DIY options. Simply connect and bend paper clips into the desired shapes. Add some color with paint or tape for more visual interest. According to Klipartz.com, paper clips can even become pins and brooches when attached to a small piece of fabric.[1] With some creativity, paper clips can transform into all kinds of fashionable accessories to personalize your style.

[1] https://www.klipartz.com/en/search?q=safety+Pin


In conclusion, paper clips present creative possibilities limited only by imagination. With these simple office supplies, you can craft elegant jewelry, useful household items, festive decorations, fun games and toys, artistic sculptures, miniature furniture, and wearable fashions. The best part is that most paper clip projects require only a few materials like paper clips, glue, string, and basic craft supplies many already have at home.

Hopefully this overview has sparked ideas for inexpensive crafts to try making with paper clips. Let your creativity guide you to invent new paper clip designs. Part of the fun is experimenting to see what works. Approach the process with an open mind and don’t be afraid to fail. Each attempt will teach you something new to improve your skills.

The next time you see a box of standard metal paper clips, envision the possibilities. With a little imagination, these simple office supplies can transform into amazing DIY crafts and art projects. So grab some paper clips and let your creativity soar!

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