What Does A Green Sticker At Old Time Pottery Mean?

Old Time Pottery is a popular discount home décor retailer with over 150 stores across the United States. The store carries a wide selection of affordable home goods, furniture, seasonal items, and more. To help customers identify deals and clearance prices, Old Time Pottery uses colored stickers on many products throughout the store.

There are several different colored stickers that provide information about an item’s price and any special promotions or discounts. The most common sticker colors include red, yellow, green, blue, orange, and purple. Each color has a specific meaning.

For example, green stickers indicate clearance merchandise, while yellow stickers signify manager’s specials with temporarily reduced prices. Understanding the meaning behind the different colored stickers can help shoppers spot the best bargains and savings at Old Time Pottery.

Green Stickers Indicate Clearance Items

At Old Time Pottery, items marked with a green sticker indicate that the item is on clearance or markdown [1]. These are discounted prices on merchandise they are trying to sell. Green sticker prices are typically offered on older merchandise or items that are being discontinued.

Customers can identify clearance merchandise in Old Time Pottery stores by looking for the bright green colored stickers. These stickers clearly mark which items have been marked down in price for quick sale. The green colored stickers make it easy to spot clearance priced merchandise as you browse the store.

Clearance Policy and Price Reductions

Old Time Pottery follows a standard clearance pricing model, with items being marked down incrementally over time until they reach final clearance prices.

According to OTP’s website (https://oldtimepottery.com/pages/faq), items are typically marked down by 20-30% for the first markdown. If the items don’t sell at that price, they will be marked down by an additional 30-50% for the second markdown.

Items that still don’t sell will eventually reach final clearance, which is typically 70-90% off the original price. At this point, OTP sells the items by the pound rather than individually priced. This allows shoppers to fill bags with a large volume of final clearance merchandise at rock-bottom prices.

Once items hit final clearance, OTP does not offer additional discounts on top of the clearance price. However, they do accept coupons and rewards on non-clearance merchandise purchased along with clearance items. The key policy is that additional discounts cannot be applied directly to the clearance price itself.

Identifying Clearance Items in the Store

Old Time Pottery makes it easy to spot clearance items when shopping in one of their stores. Clearance sections are typically located toward the back of the store, often along the side walls or back wall. Overhead signage will clearly indicate the clearance area, so keep an eye out for signs reading “Clearance” as you walk through the store.

Individual clearance items will have a green sticker or tag on them. This green sticker is universal across all Old Time Pottery stores and indicates that the item is discounted below its original price. The percentage of discount will also be shown on the green sticker, making it easy to see at a glance how much is being taken off the original retail price. Focus your search efforts on merchandise with these distinctive green clearance stickers in order to find the best deals.

According to the Old Time Pottery website, the clearance sections are typically grouped by product category, such as furniture, home decor, kitchenware, and more. This allows you to easily browse clearance items in the category you are most interested in. The selection of what is on clearance will vary by store and season, so be sure to spend time exploring the entire clearance area on each visit to uncover the latest deals.

When to Find the Best Clearance Deals

Old Time Pottery runs big clearance sales at certain times of the year when they are trying to clear out inventory to make room for new merchandise. The best times to find clearance deals are:

Seasonal Clearance Events

After major holidays like Christmas, Easter, and Halloween, Old Time Pottery will mark down remaining holiday merchandise by up to 75% off. This is a great time to stock up on decorations and gift items for the next year. For example, right after Christmas you can get great deals on Christmas trees, lights, ornaments, and gift wrap.

Change of Seasons

When the seasons change, Old Time Pottery clears out merchandise to make room for new inventory. For example, in early spring you’ll find deals on remaining winter seasonal items. At the end of summer, you’ll find clearance prices on summer furniture, patio items, and garden supplies.

According to https://www.vogueforbreakfast.com/happening-now-old-time-potterys-red-line-clearance-event/, one of the best times for clearances is during their major “Red Line Clearance Event” where anything with a red line through the barcode is 50% off.

Strategies for Finding the Best Deals

When shopping at Old Time Pottery, there are a few tips and tricks to finding the deepest discounts and best clearance deals:

Ask associates if there are any unmarked clearance items. According to the Old Time Pottery FAQ page https://oldtimepottery.com/pages/faq, items are sometimes clearance but don’t have stickers. Ask an associate in the department you’re browsing if there are any unadvertised deals.

Carefully check item tags and shelves for small green stickers. Clearance items might only have a small green sticker rather than a large hanging tag, so look closely. Check the price tags of items you’re interested in to see if there is a green clearance sticker.

Browse end caps and seasonal displays. End caps at the end of aisles will frequently be used to display clearance merchandise. The same goes for seasonal displays after a holiday has passed.

Clearance Items Typically Available

Old Time Pottery’s clearance section features a wide variety of discounted home goods across all departments. Some of the most common clearance items you’ll find include:

an example green clearance sticker from old time pottery

Home Decor

Decorative accents like wall art, mirrors, clocks, vases, and figurines are frequently marked down in the clearance section. This allows you to refresh your home’s style affordably. For example, an accent mirror that originally sold for $50 may be marked down to $25 on clearance.


Old Time Pottery stocks a large furniture selection, ranging from living room seating to bedroom sets and dining tables. Discounted furniture clearance offers major savings on these bigger ticket home items. According to the Old Time Pottery furniture page, you can find accent furniture pieces for every room marked down in clearance.

Seasonal Items

Seasonal décor and entertaining supplies go on clearance as seasons change. For instance, spring and summer items like patio furniture and garden décor get marked down in the fall. Christmas decorations and baking dishes see major discounts after the holidays. Planning your clearance shopping around seasonal transitions maximizes potential savings.

Saving Even More on Clearance

Even though clearance items are already discounted, there are some additional ways you can save even more at Old Time Pottery:

Using Coupons or Promotional Offers

While Old Time Pottery does not accept coupons on regular priced items, they do allow coupons and promotional offers to be applied on top of clearance prices. This means you can stack additional discounts on already reduced clearance merchandise. Check Old Time Pottery’s website and sign up for their email list to receive coupons and notifications about special sales events that can be used on clearance. For example, Old Time Pottery may offer an extra 10-20% off your entire purchase coupons during certain holiday weekends that can apply to items in the clearance section.

Price Matching

Old Time Pottery allows price matching with select competitors as long as the items are identical. Bring proof of the competitor’s lower price to the customer service desk and they will verify if the price match can be applied. This allows you to get the lowest price possible, even on clearance merchandise. Review their list of approved competitors before shopping to see if a lower price is available.

Rewards Programs

Sign up for an Old Time Pottery rewards program account to earn points on purchases that can translate into dollar rewards. These rewards can then be applied to future purchases including clearance items for extra savings. Accumulating and strategically using reward points and credits is an easy way to maximize savings on top of already reduced clearance prices.

Returns and Exchanges on Clearance Items

Old Time Pottery has a fairly flexible return and exchange policy for most items. However, there are some specific policies regarding clearance items that customers should be aware of.

According to Old Time Pottery’s FAQ page, clearance merchandise is sold as-is and cannot be returned or exchanged. The only exception is if the item is defective – in that case, it can be returned or exchanged within 30 days with the original receipt. Without a receipt, clearance items cannot be returned or exchanged under any circumstances.

This policy is in place because Old Time Pottery offers clearance items at significantly discounted prices to move out inventory quickly. Allowing returns and exchanges on these items would cut into their profit margins. Customers should inspect clearance merchandise carefully before purchasing, as they will be stuck with it unless it’s defective.

In summary, shoppers need to be aware that all sales on clearance merchandise at Old Time Pottery are final, except for defective items within 30 days with a receipt. Clearance items cannot be returned or exchanged otherwise, so choose them wisely.


Old Time Pottery’s green sticker clearance program offers shoppers the chance to get great deals on home goods, furniture, decor, and more. By marking select items with green stickers, Old Time Pottery clearly identifies clearance merchandise in their stores. Shoppers can look for green stickers year-round, but the best deals are usually found during major seasonal transitions. If you want to take advantage of clearance prices, try to shop Old Time Pottery at the very end of each season. Check clearance sections frequently and be ready to act quickly on the best deals, as popular items tend to sell out fast even at reduced prices. With some persistence and careful hunting, you can find clearance merchandise discounted 50-90% off the original price. Combining additional coupons or promotions with already marked-down clearance items can lead to huge savings. Happy clearance shopping!

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