Where Are Black Rifle Coffee Mugs Made?

Black Rifle Coffee Company is a veteran-owned coffee company based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Founded in 2014 by Evan Hafer, a Green Beret veteran, the company quickly grew a cult following among the veteran and active military community. In addition to premium coffee, Black Rifle Coffee sells apparel and merchandise featuring their signature branding and logo designs.

Black Rifle Coffee takes pride in supporting veterans, first responders, and America. Their merchandise includes t-shirts, hats, mugs, tumblers, and more – all designed to showcase the Black Rifle Coffee brand. The company has a passionate customer base who love the mission and message behind the brand.

About Black Rifle Coffee Mugs

Black Rifle Coffee Company (BRCC) offers a wide variety of mugs for coffee and tea lovers. According to their website, they have over 30 unique mug designs with options like

  • Campfire Mug
  • Freedom Fuel Mug
  • Morale Patch Mug

The mugs are made from high-quality ceramic and feature BRCC’s signature branding and designs (https://www.blackriflecoffee.com/collections/mugs). The campfire style mugs have a unique triangular shape with BRCC’s logo prominently displayed. The freedom fuel mugs often feature patriotic themes and military references.

Many of the mugs showcase BRCC’s morale patch designs on one side. These patches represent different principles or inside jokes related to BRCC’s brand and veteran founders. Having the patches printed directly on the mugs allows customers to collect and display their favorite patches (https://www.amazon.com/stores/BlackRifleCoffeeCompany/Mugs/page/CDDD7AB3-758D-457E-BD58-BECC26239F1E).

In addition to unique designs, BRCC mugs are known for their durability. They can withstand frequent usage and cleaning without fading or damage. The mugs hold heat well, keeping coffee or tea hot for longer.

Manufacturing Process

Black Rifle Coffee Company mugs are primarily produced at the company’s headquarters and roasting facilities in Salt Lake City, Utah. They also partner with American manufacturers such as JJ Potts to produce some of their handmade mug offerings.

The mugs go through a detailed production process focused on quality and durability. The ceramics and materials used are carefully chosen, and the mugs are put through rigourous quality control checks at multiple stages. According to the company’s website, the Perfect Handmade Mug is checked 7 times during production to ensure it meets standards.

black rifle coffee mugs undergo rigorous quality control checks during manufacturing.

Some of the quality control checkpoints include visual inspections, microwave tests, dishwasher durability testing, and thermal stress tests. Any mugs that don’t pass these checks are rejected. This attention to detail and testing allows the company to offer exceptional craftsmanship and mug durability.

Materials Used

Black Rifle Coffee mugs are made from high-quality materials like ceramic and stainless steel. Ceramic mugs, like the F*ck your sensitivity 2.0 Ceramic Mug, provide excellent heat retention and a smooth feel. The ceramic construction makes them durable while still lightweight. However, ceramic can chip or crack if dropped. Ceramic mugs also cannot be used in the microwave.

Stainless steel is another common material, used in mugs like the Stainless Classic Mug. Stainless steel has excellent durability – it resists dents, scratches, and stains. It also retains heat well while being microwave and dishwasher safe. The downside is that stainless steel can impart a metallic taste to some beverages. Additionally, stainless steel conducts heat to the exterior, so handle insulation is important.

Some mugs combine materials, like the Fellow Carter Move Mug which has a stainless steel outer layer and an inner ceramic coating. This takes advantage of stainless steel’s durability while preventing metal from contacting the beverage. No material is perfect, so Black Rifle Coffee carefully selects each material to match the intended usage of the mug.

Design and Branding

Aesthetics and style are a crucial part of the Black Rifle Coffee Company (BRCC) brand image. According to Black Rifle Coffee Company’s website, their mugs feature sleek, minimalist designs that align with the company’s mission of supporting veterans and first responders. The mugs typically display just the BRCC logo, which consists of the company name underlined with a graphic of a rifle.

This pared-down style allows the mugs to showcase the Black Rifle Coffee name and brand while maintaining an understated, masculine look. As BRCC co-founder Evan Hafer states, “We take pride in our brand and its identity, just like the people who drink Black Rifle Coffee.” By adorning their mugs with their distinctive logo, BRCC creates covetable merchandise for their loyal customers.

In addition to the classic logo mugs, BRCC produces mugs with cheeky sayings like “Caffeine and Hate” that align with their irreverent tone. More elaborate designs may include camo patterns or graphics of guns and other military symbols. But even the busiest designs maintain a clean, modern aesthetic. According to customer reviews on Amazon, fans love that the mugs allow them to proudly display the Black Rifle Coffee brand.

Quality and Durability

Black Rifle Coffee Company mugs are known for their durable construction and long lifespan according to customer reviews. The stainless steel material used is thick and resistant to dents, chips, cracks, and scratches (Customer reviews: Black Rifle Coffee Company Mugs …). Many reviewers mention still using their mugs daily after several years of regular use and cleaning.

Compared to ceramic mugs which can chip and break over time, the stainless steel BRCC mugs hold up extremely well. The metal walls keep the temperature of liquids hot or cold for longer compared to ceramic as well. Reviews mention the mugs surviving many drops without damage thanks to the durable stainless steel material (Black Rifle Coffee Company Good Wood Mug Review).

Overall, BRCC mugs are built to last with very high durability and lifespan compared to typical ceramic mugs. The quality stainless steel stands up well to daily use without damage over many years according to customer reviews.


Black Rifle Coffee mugs come in a wide range of styles and sizes, with prices starting around $14.99 and going up to $24.99 or more for larger, more premium options like stainless steel tumblers.

Compared to other major coffee brands, Black Rifle Coffee mugs tend to be priced competitively. Their 15oz ceramic mugs retail for $14.99 (https://www.blackriflecoffee.com/collections/mugs), which is in line with a basic Starbucks mug. However, Black Rifle Coffee offers frequent sales and deals that can bring the price down further.

For stainless steel tumblers and travel mugs, Black Rifle Coffee’s pricing remains competitive with brands like Yeti and Hydro Flask. Their 20oz tumblers start at $24.99 (https://www.amazon.com/stores/BlackRifleCoffeeCompany/Mugs/page/CDDD7AB3-758D-457E-BD58-BECC26239F1E), while Yeti and Hydro Flask’s are typically $30+. So customers can get a durable stainless mug for lower cost.

Given the brand name, quality of materials, stylish designs, and durability of Black Rifle Coffee mugs, most customers find they offer excellent value compared to alternatives. The company also frequently offers sitewide sales up to 20% off, making their mugs an even better bargain for shoppers.

Where to Buy

Black Rifle Coffee mugs can be purchased through several channels:

Online: Black Rifle Coffee’s online store offers the full range of BRCC mugs for purchase and shipping directly to customers. Mugs like the popular Grenade mug and other designs are available on the BRCC website. Black Rifle Coffee mugs are also sold on Amazon, where customers can browse and buy BRCC mugs with Amazon’s shipping and returns policy.

Retail Locations: Select retail partners sell BRCC mugs in their stores. For example, Bass Pro Shops has carried the BRCC mugs in many locations. Check with local outdoor sporting goods stores to see if they stock the Black Rifle Coffee mugs for in-store purchase.

Wholesale/Distribution: BRCC works with distributors to supply their mugs to wholesale buyers like retail stores, corporate offices, military bases, and other partners. Businesses can inquire about wholesale ordering of BRCC mugs for resale or promotions.

Customer Reviews

Black Rifle Coffee mugs have received overwhelmingly positive reviews from customers on sites like Amazon and the BRCC website. Many reviewers praise the high-quality materials and durable construction of the mugs.

For example, one Amazon reviewer said “The mug is very sturdy and well constructed. The graphics are bright and crisp” (source). Another 5-star reviewer wrote “Very happy with this purchase. Well made mug that should hold up to lots of use” (source).

Many customers praise the unique and eye-catching designs of BRCC’s grenade and bullet mugs. As one reviewer on the BRCC website said about the grenade mug, “Badass looking mug! Just what you would expect from BRCC…Love the look and feel of this mug” (source).

Overall, BRCC mug reviews highlight satisfaction with the mugs’ durability, quality construction, ability to maintain heat, and stylish branding that aligns with the company’s mission and image.


In summary, Black Rifle Coffee mugs are carefully designed and manufactured to represent the company’s rugged, patriotic brand image. The mugs use thick ceramic material for durability, with creative designs that incorporate the BRCC logo, American flag elements, and cheeky military references. While the mugs are affordably priced between $12-$20, each one proudly displays its BRCC branding. This reflects the company’s emphasis on standing out in the crowded coffee market through its branding and engagement with gun rights and veteran causes. For BRCC, each mug serves not only as a useful product but as a physical extension of the brand’s identity. Ultimately, the unique designs and branding stay true to BRCC’s mission of supporting veterans and constitutional rights through quality coffee products.

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