What Is Clay Used For In Osrs?

Old School RuneScape (OSRS) is a popular free-to-play MMORPG released in 2013 by Jagex. It is a retro version of RuneScape from 2007. Clay is one of the many resources gathered and used in various skills and activities in OSRS.


One of the main uses of clay in Old School RuneScape is for pottery. Players can use clay to craft various pottery items at a potter’s wheel. To do this, players first need to obtain soft clay, which is made by mixing clay with water. The soft clay can then be used on a potter’s wheel located in crafting guilds to create items like pots, bowls, vases, and pie dishes (https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Potter%27s_Wheel).

Some common pottery items made from soft clay include ceramic vases, pots, bowls, and pie dishes. Players use clay to craft these items on a potter’s wheel, shaping the soft clay into the desired item. Once shaped, the unfired pottery items then need to be fired or baked in a pottery oven to harden them, transforming them into finished ceramic wares (https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Pottery_Oven). The higher a player’s Crafting level, the more intricate and advanced the pottery items they can craft using clay.

Crafting clay pottery items can be a useful training method for raising Crafting levels. Certain pottery items like pots, pie dishes, and bowls also have practical uses for players, like storing food or cooking. Overall, one of the classic uses of clay in Old School RuneScape is for molding it into decorative and functional pottery wares.


Clay bricks are one of the most common uses of clay in Old School RuneScape. They are heavily utilized in the Construction skill for building various structures on a player’s player-owned house. Some of the things that can be built using clay bricks include walls, fireplaces, floors, and hot/cold water pipes.

To obtain clay bricks, players can either purchase them from the stonemason in Keldagrim, or make them themselves with the Crafting skill at level 21 by using clay with a crafting table or wheel. Each clay brick requires 1 clay to craft. Players can use clay rocks found south of Varrock, or buckets of clay from various locations to obtain the clay.

For ironmen or players wanting to save money, mining clay rocks and making their own bricks is recommended. According to some player discussions, this method can be slow but very cheap for training Construction.

Teleport Tablets

One of the most common uses of clay in Old School RuneScape is to make teleport tablets for teleportation magic. Soft clay is a key ingredient required to craft teleport tablets at lecterns found around Gielinor (https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Magic_tablet). With the proper Magic and Runecrafting levels, soft clay can be combined with various runes to produce teleport tablets that allow players to quickly teleport to destinations such as Varrock, Ardougne, Camelot, and more.

Teleport tablets are in high demand in OSRS as they provide fast transportation and unlimited teleports to useful locations. According to Money making guides, Varrock teleport tablets alone are worth 545 coins each and constantly see trades (https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Money_making_guide/Creating_Varrock_teleport_tablets). Crafting and selling teleport tablets can serve as a consistent money maker for players with the proper Magic and Runecrafting levels.

In summary, soft clay is arguably one of the most important uses of clay in OSRS for crafting teleport tablets. The ability to quickly teleport makes travel easy for all players, so soft clay maintains its value and demand in the OSRS economy.

Silver Crafting

One common usage of clay in Old School RuneScape is crafting decorative and useful silver items. With a silver bar in your inventory, using soft clay on it turns it into a lump of silver. This silver lump can then be turned into silver dust at any furnace. With silver dust, clay is used to craft various types of silver jewelry and items like tiaras, holy symbols, and jewelry through the Crafting skill.

Some popular silver items crafted with soft clay and silver dust include:

  • Tiara – Requires 23 Crafting and grants 52.5 Crafting experience
  • Holy symbol – Requires 16 Crafting and grants 45 Crafting experience
  • Silver sickle – Requires 24 Crafting and grants 55 Crafting experience

Crafting silver items with clay and silver dust can be very profitable for lower level crafters. Many of the items like tiaras and holy symbols provide decent experience while selling for over 1k gp each. Soft clay and silver can be mined at various locations across Gielinor, making this a relatively accessible way to level Crafting and make money even for free-to-play players.


Imps are mischievous spirits that can be found in the Puro-Puro realm. Imps carry items valuable for training skills and completing quests, including soft clay used to craft Ceramic Vials and tablets for teleportation.

To catch imps, players need a butterfly net or magic butterfly net and empty impling jars. Imps can be trapped using box traps, clay traps, magic traps, and spice traps. Players can find imps carrying soft clay, magic roots, king worms, chronicle fragments, eclectic implings, and more in Puro-Puro.

Some useful strategies for catching implings in Puro-Puro include setting multiple traps in hotspots, standing in one location while telegrabbing implings, and working as a group to herd implings into traps. With some practice, players can catch hundreds of implings per hour, making it a popular money-maker.

Soft Clay Packs

Soft clay packs are useful for transporting soft clay safely without damaging unfired pottery items. According to the Old School RuneScape Wiki, soft clay packs are made from wet clay in order to carry unfired pots, bowls and other ceramic items securely from place to place without damaging them before they are fired in a kiln.

Soft clay packs are created by using a knife on a piece of soft clay, which turns it into an open pack ready to store unfired pottery. Once the pack is filled, it can be closed shut to protect the contents inside. This allows crafters to gather soft clay at one location, transport it safely to a kiln, and then unpack the soft clay to make pottery and ceramic items.

According to players on Reddit, soft clay packs are very useful on Ironman accounts for gathering large amounts of soft clay to efficiently train Crafting without damaging unfired bowls or pottery. The packs make it much easier to obtain and bank soft clay for future training.


Clay is a key ingredient in creating magical tablets in Osrs. These tablets allow players to enchant various items without needing to cast the enchantment spells themselves. Some common tablets include:

Enchant sapphire or opal tablets – Used to enchant sapphire or opal jewelry. As noted on the Old School RuneScape Wiki, “It can be used by any player to enchant sapphire or opal jewelry” (https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Enchant_sapphire_or_opal).

Enchant ruby or topaz tablets – Allow players to enchant ruby and red topaz jewelry without casting the enchant spell, as explained on the OSRS Wiki (https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Enchant_ruby_or_topaz).

Enchant crossbow bolt tablets – Used to enchant crossbow bolts to give them magical effects. The type of clay used determines the level of enchantment.

Tablets provide a convenient method for enchanting items in bulk while training Crafting. Players can stock up on tablets to save time later when processing large quantities of gems or bolts.


One of the primary uses for clay in Old School RuneScape is for mining clay rocks using a pickaxe [1]. Mining clay with a pickaxe is an easy way for lower-level players to obtain soft clay, which has many uses in skills like Crafting and Construction.

Clay rocks can be found in various locations across Gielinor, such as south of Varrock, north-east of Rimmington, among others. The higher a player’s Mining level, the faster they can mine clay rocks. Using a rune pickaxe, players can mine up to 800 clay per hour at high levels [2]. Lower Mining levels and weaker pickaxes will yield around 500 clay per hour.

The soft clay obtained from mining clay rocks has a variety of important uses, making clay one of the most versatile rocks to mine for lower leveled players. With a little time investment, mining clay can be a great way for players to gather useful crafting materials for training skills like Crafting, Magic, and Construction.


Clay has a wide variety of uses in the game of Old School RuneScape. From crafting bricks and pottery to making teleport tablets, soft clay packs, and silver items, clay is an essential resource for skilling and getting around the map quickly. Mining clay at various locations provides crafting experience and materials for training Construction and Magic. While clay may seem like a basic item at first, it has become deeply integrated into many facets of gameplay. Whether you’re a new player or a seasoned veteran, understanding the key uses of clay can help unlock new opportunities and make training a variety of skills more efficient.

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