How Do You Get Terracotta In Animal Crossing?


Animal Crossing is a popular life simulation video game where players live in a village inhabited by anthropomorphic animals. Players can fish, catch bugs, decorate their homes, and collect various items. One collectible material is terracotta, a type of hardened clay that can be used for crafting furniture and decorations. This article will provide an overview of what terracotta is and explain the different ways to obtain it in Animal Crossing.

What is Terracotta?

Terracotta is a type of hardened clay that is a common building material used in crafting in the Animal Crossing game series. It has an orange-brown reddish color and can be used to craft various items like flower pots, urns, pipes, and more.

In Animal Crossing, terracotta is primarily used as a decorative crafting material for both indoor and outdoor furniture items. Players can utilize terracotta to create an earthy, rustic vibe or more Mediterranean style for their island or home. Some of the most popular terracotta items players like to craft include the garden lantern, straw umbrella hat, terrarium, hanging terrarium, and clay furnace.

Where to Find Terracotta

There are a few different methods to obtain terracotta in Animal Crossing:

The most common way is by hitting rocks with a shovel or axe. Rocks spawn in your town each day, and hitting them with a tool can yield clay, iron, gold or money. Terracotta has a chance of appearing when you hit rocks. Make sure to dig holes behind you before hitting rocks so you don’t bounce back and can hit them up to 8 times.

Another way is by digging up fossils. Occasionally when you dig up a fossil spot, instead of a fossil you’ll find clay. Take this clay to Blathers at the museum and he can identify it, turning it into terracotta.

You may also receive terracotta directly from villagers or from Message Bottles that wash up on your beach. It’s random, but check your mailbox and beach daily for gifts containing terracotta.

So in summary, whack rocks with shovels, dig up fossil spots, check your mail, and comb the beach for free terracotta gifts!

Breaking Rocks

One of the main ways to obtain terracotta in Animal Crossing is by breaking rocks on your island. Each rock on your island has a chance to drop clay, iron, gold, and other resources when hit with a shovel or axe. After repeated hits, the rock will break and you may obtain multiple pieces of terracotta.

To break a rock, first make sure you have eaten fruit or consumed another item that gives you extra strength. This will allow you to break the rock after several hits rather than just causing resources to drop from it. Equip your shovel or axe and strike the rock multiple times in quick succession. It should take 5-6 hits to break the rock if you are properly prepared with extra strength.

Make sure to dig holes behind you before striking the rock. This will prevent your character from bouncing back after each hit, allowing you to strike the rock more quickly. Focus on rocks along the sides or back of your island, since breaking rocks can disrupt the appearance of your island.

With some effort and a little luck, breaking rocks is a reliable way to obtain terracotta along with other valuable crafting materials in Animal Crossing. Just be prepared to use some fruit and dig some holes beforehand!

Digging Up Fossils

One way to obtain terracotta in Animal Crossing is by digging up fossils buried underground throughout your island. Fossils can appear as X-shaped cracks on the ground which signify that there is something buried in that spot. Use your shovel on these X marks to dig up the fossil.

Once you unearth the fossil, you’ll be able to pick it up and assess it. The majority of fossils you dig up will be regular fossils that can be donated to the museum. However, on rare occasions, a fossil may instead contain terracotta. When this happens, you’ll receive up to 30 pieces of the terracotta material.

Fossils that contain terracotta are entirely random and rare. There’s no way to tell if a fossil will contain terracotta until you dig it up. But it’s still worth digging up every fossil you see, both to fill your museum and for the chance of getting that terracotta payoff. Keep digging daily and you’re bound to eventually come across some terracotta fossils.

Hitting Rocks with Shovel

One of the best ways to get terracotta in Animal Crossing is by hitting rocks with a shovel. Each island will have a certain number of rock formations spread around the island. These rocks have a chance of dropping various materials when hit with a shovel or axe, including clay, iron, gold nuggets, and terracotta.

To hit the rocks effectively:

  • Equip your shovel and stand directly in front of a rock.
  • Repeatedly press the A button to swing your shovel and hit the rock 8 times quickly.
  • Make sure to position yourself properly so you don’t get pushed back after each hit.
  • Each hit has a chance of dropping one of the material items mentioned above.
  • With some luck and practice, you can get up to 8 material drops from each rock every day.

Keep hitting all your island’s rocks daily with a shovel, and you’re bound to get plenty of terracotta along with the other materials. It can take some practice to get the timing right, but once you get the hang of it this is one of the most reliable ways to gather terracotta.

Using Terracotta

Terracotta is a very versatile material in Animal Crossing that can be used in many different ways to decorate your island. Here are some examples of what you can do with terracotta:

  • Craft terracotta flooring and wallpaper for a rustic, earthy look in your home.
  • Use terracotta pots to display flowers and plants indoors and outdoors.
  • Make terracotta fencing for a southwestern or Mediterranean style.
  • Customize terracotta items like pots, candles, and urns with different patterns.
  • Place terracotta vases, Pitchers, and bowls around your island.
  • Use the terracotta tile custom design to create pathways.
  • Craft terracotta-themed furniture like hearths, wells, and hacienda tables.
  • Combine different colored terracotta items for an eclectic, boho chic decor.

With its orange-red hue and artisanal look, terracotta adds warmth and rustic charm to any area. Get creative with terracotta DIY projects to give your island a unique personality!

Crafting with Terracotta

Terracotta is a versatile crafting material in Animal Crossing that can be used to create a variety of decorative items to customize your island. Here are some of the many items you can craft using terracotta:

  • Terracotta music player – Requires 3 terracotta and 2 iron nuggets

  • Garden lantern – Requires 4 terracotta

  • Outdoor picnic set – Requires 6 terracotta

  • Succulent plant – Requires 5 terracotta

  • Birdbath – Requires 6 terracotta

  • Bonsai shelf – Requires 6 terracotta, 2 hardwood, and 1 iron nugget

  • Tall garden rock – Requires 60 stone, 3 terracotta, and 15 clumps of weeds

  • Juicy-apple TV – Requires 2 apples and 2 terracotta

As you can see, terracotta is used in crafting many kinds of decorative objects from music players to succulent plants to birdbaths. It’s a great material to have on hand if you want to craft customized furniture and decorations for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Terracotta Availability

Terracotta has been available in every mainline Animal Crossing game, but was not initially included in some of the spinoff titles.

In the original Animal Crossing game for GameCube, terracotta could be found from the start. The material was also available right away in Animal Crossing: Wild World for Nintendo DS and Animal Crossing: City Folk for Wii.

However, terracotta was not available at launch in Animal Crossing: New Leaf for Nintendo 3DS. It had to be unlocked by upgrading the museum to its second floor, which required 7 days and a 100,000 bell donation. Once unlocked, terracotta could then be obtained in New Leaf.

The mobile game Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp did not include terracotta when it first launched. But it was eventually added in a March 2018 update. Now terracotta can be crafted and used in Pocket Camp.

Most recently, terracotta has been available from the beginning in Animal Crossing: New Horizons for Nintendo Switch. Players can find it right away on mystery islands or by breaking rocks on their own island.

So in summary, terracotta has been included in all main Animal Crossing titles, but was sometimes locked or added later in spinoff games like New Leaf and Pocket Camp.


In summary, terracotta is a crafting material in Animal Crossing that allows players to create decorative pottery items. It can be obtained in a few different ways – the most common being hitting rocks with a shovel or ax. Once you have some terracotta, it can be used to craft items like vases, flower pots, and more at the DIY workbench. Having terracotta available expands crafting options and allows players to further customize their islands and homes. The purpose of this article was to provide Animal Crossing players with clear instructions and tips on obtaining terracotta and using it for crafting. With an understanding of where it comes from and how to acquire it, players can fully utilize this material in their gameplay.

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